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Huawei Mate 9
By mare looking at the word awesome, you already know that I am trying to share some trending applications with you which am sure that you don't know that such apps exists.

Some of these apps might have a look alike feature of some other apps but when you operate them, then you'll notice the differences between them.

As you might be aware, there are tons of Android apps in the Google play store, However, it turns out that the fake apps are far much bigger than the original app (about 78% of the apps in Google play store are fake and when you can be able to find cool amazing app to download, it'll have a Pricetag on it).

There are also some awesome (security, mod and hacking) android apps in the Google play store that doesn't demand buying but they are just few of them. Hence, all Android smartphone provides it's user with tons of abilities that needs to be figured out.

Some of these apps can be Security app which can be used for protecting, they can be Mods which can be used to personalize your Android smartphone while some can be Hacking apps but I'm only sharing it with you just for fun and nothing else, so don't try to use these apps on someone else. Hence, Androbliz should not be held responsible if you got yourself into danger.

All together, they are all different apps from different categories, that's why in this write-up, I will be sharing with you the top 5 awesome android apps without root for August 2017. Without further delay, let's get started.

Clipboard Action:

This is one of the best apps I've come across since I started using an android smartphone, this app helps you to read, locate, search share and also translate your copied content.

Let's take for example, you copied the name of a location, this app will automatically show a map icon to you indicating that you're looking for direction of the particular place you copied.

Also the same thing happens when you copy some other language that you don't understand, this app will provide you with the option of translate and the same thing is applied when you copy a mobile number, link (which it'll ask you to shorten) or copy a long text (which it can read by itself if you find it difficult to read)

This app is an awesome app to try, simple to use and understand. Also works great and offline too. However if you're finding it difficult to locate your destination, read or text, shorten links, translate and Search then this app will definitely be of help to you.

Story Saver For WhatsApp:

Few months back, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature which allows the user to upload a photo, video or an animated gif as his/her status.

This same feature was also enabled in both Facebook and Instagram because all the three social networks are owned by one man (Mark Zuckerberg) or should I say that he has the bigger percent of shares in WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, the WhatsApp status which is also called 'My story', only allow the user to view the particular photo, video or gif for a maximum period of 24  hrs whereby some people will like to save the photo, video or animated gif so as to watch it later whenever they feel like.

Sadly, this feature of saving WhatsApp status which can also be called my story is not included as part of WhatsApp app. Hence, this app is created also for the same purpose, to help you save and download any of the WhatsApp story in your Android smartphone.

Thus, this app is seen as a hacking tool thereby making the developer to add disclaimer to the description in the Google play store which includes Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

The last but not the least, this application is not in any way affiliated with WhatsApp, though the name WhatsApp is copyright to WhatsApp Inc. Anyways, if you discover any form of copyright content in this app, please contact the developer so as to remove it.

IP Locator:

This app is also seen as a hacking application, with this application you can find the exact location of your loved ones (family, friends or who so ever you want to track).

Simply logon this website and click on GET LOGGER CODE then copy the link of Google link short url and send it to the person through WhatsApp, Facebook or any social network.

Now click on the icon that looks like an eye with the color blue and black, then click on refresh or reload button on the page (I didn't say that you should reload the page).

Copy the person's IP ADDRESS and paste it in the search button inside the IP LOCATOR app and you'll get the full details and the exact location of the person.

Like I said earlier, this is a hacking app, don't violate this app. Hence, we are not responsible for any damage it might cause to you.
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PixUp Zooper:

This is an awesome app that can be used to customize an android smartphone, it provides the phone with a unique look and feel display on the desktop background.

However, to make use of this app, you must have Zooper widget pro in your android smartphone then you can be able to integrate the look on your desktop background.

These apps PixUp Zooper and Zooper Widget Pro are paid app in the Google play store, hence you can get it free using a third party link.

Also, there's another widget by name Badge Zooper, it's a free app in the Google play store but works on Android Lollipop and above. Unfortunately, KitKat, jellybean and other lower versions of Android cannot make use of it.
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This app enables the user to talk and share your camera through Bluetooth or WiFi with anyone, this app just works like walkie talkies which allows connection between two smartphones.

In order to use this app, you need to select the feature you want to use on the both phones (if it'll be voice or camera) after this, another page will display, showing you the connection types (Bluetooth or WiFi 'server or client').

This app can be used to tighten up the security in a particular area (you can turn it into a CCTV Camera Or a Voice Recorder).

You may use it as baby monitor, or to communicate easily on motorcycle, during sport or in all the activities in which direct communication is not easy.

Note: To do this, you must have two smartphones connected together. You can place one of the smartphone in one room and stay in another room and you'll be seeing or hearing everything going on in the room clearly. This is an amazing app and it's easy to use.

The above apps are the top 5 awesome (Security, mod and hacking) android apps to try in august 2017 without root, I called them awesome because they consist of various app categories with trending features which most people haven't come across for the first time. Check out these apps and tell us what you think about them using the comment box.
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Back then in some Android devices, there are some devices that doesn't come with file manager. I guess that some Android Smartphone still doesn't come with file manager till date, File Manager in any smartphone is one of the key system app that should be integrated in it.

However, some smartphone companies exclude this feature. I don't know how I can enjoy my smartphone without having a file manager in it, almost all the tasks performed inside my phone are gotten through file manager. Hence, with file manager you can access both your internal storage and SD Card.

File Manager gives it's user the ability to Share files (from bluetooth, Xender, Mail, LAN, WhatsApp, etc) Move files, Copy files, Rename files, Search files, Mark files, Sort files and also unviel the hidden files in your device. When I am referring to files, i mean documents, applications, folders, multimedia 'music, pictures, videos, records', etc.

So tell me, can you be able to do all the above mentioned features on your Android device without making use of your file manager. No right? And that's why I'm sharing MoveIt with you, The ultimate app to transfer both heavy and light files 'images, videos and audios from your device Storage to your SD Card and vice versa.

However, junk files can be cleaned up using MoveIt which increases your phone's speed and storage as well with the aid of the built-in cleaner which is installed in the app 'MoveIt'.

As the day passes by, MoveIt adds some trending features to keep it's users on track. New features like Sure Transfer which automatically transfers your file from your internal storage to SD card which makes it even more easier for the phone performance to improve.

Also, MoveIt adds another exciting features which allows its users to scan for hidden files which can be a junk files that drains their Storage. Hence with the aid of this app, you can fish all those hidden junky files out and get rid of them immediately to improve performance and also increase phone's storage.

Download MoveIt today and get your Android device back to track - thus, you can gain access to all the above features which your device have deprived you of. The only little sad story of this app is that its only for Android L users and above, am sorry if you're using Android KitKat and below, try to find some other app that can help and serve you well.

Hey Blizers, don't forget to download this app and let's move it all together ✌

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The Apprise In Technology, Specialty In Phone Specification (Nokia, Galaxy, iPhone Huawei, Apollo), Top Best List (Games, Apps, Icon Packs, MIUI 9)
LG V30 Updates
LG is now ready to launch their new flagship smartphone 'LG V30' which will take place on the 31st of August, however some of the LG V30's software details has been leaked ahead the launch date.

As the report says, the LG V30 will run on upgraded UX 6.0+ which will pre-install on the Smartphone. The LG's UX which has been enhanced to produce an immersive 18:9 OLED Full Vision display meanwhile offering more customization option for more intuitive user experience at the same time.

Hence, the LG V30 be a powerful multimedia tool which it's user can experience to the fullest with the new UX design that can offer more advance capabilities. According to the report, the LG UX 6.0+ will sport a new option dubbed graphy which can be used in the manual mode of the camera. Thus, provides it's users with professional quality photographs.

The name Graphy was derived from photograph, perhaps the name used in order to make it's users to know that graphy is a new feature integrated in the LG V30's camera featuring the company's first OLED Full Vision display and an advanced dual lens.

However, graphy provides it's user with the option to choose among the photos that can be downloaded from the graphy website or to take professional shots with a different styles and mode. Also, gives it's user with the options including shutter speed, white balance, aperture and ISO.

On the other hand, it gives it's user the ability of taking difference shooting modes like snap shot, Auto grid shot and also match shot which are grouped under the users menu for easy use/easy selection.

Hence, GIFs can be created in the gallery while slide show videos which is created using photos and video files can be created with the aid of the Create Movie option via the Quick Video Editor.

Regarding to the Information we got, the LG company has already confirmed that their won’t be any feature for secondary display on LG V30. Rather, it'll be replaced it with a new software feature known as 'Floating Bar' control panel, It’s a semi-transparent bar that it allows the users to quickly access important functions. Nevertheless, It can be dragged completely off the Full Vision display when not making use of it.

The LG V30 also offers an Always-on Display which is more customizable than it was earlier. Aside from the displaying clock, AOD now added more features which includes the Quick Tools, Music Player and also a personal photograph.

Concerning the security features in the LG V30, there are more furnished feature than in the LG’s previous smartphone UX. Hence it uses Face Recognition and Voice Recognition. The Face Recognition feature unlock the LG V30 instantly with the aid of the front camera even when the display is toggled off (is of no use by pressing the power button first, unlike on other phones).
While the Voice Recognition makes use of the sound of the user and self-generated keywords to unlock the V30 smartphone.

It is furnished by Qualcomm Aqstic voice UI (User Interface) technology for always-listen and always-on capabilities which demands a very little battery power. The Haptic feedback on the LG V30 can be personalized with various vibration combinations that can be matched to the phone’s ringtone.

Additionally, If you haven't come across the specifications of the LG V30 before, here are the key features. It is expected to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 128 GB of Internal Storage and 6 GB of RAM along with the dual camera set up.
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One of the popular Smartphone brand in China happens to be Xiaomi and all its devices ship with its own proprietary skin called “MIUI”. Just a year back in May, Xiaomi introduced MIUI 8 as its latest version of the OS. MIUI 8 China/Global ROM already deployed various Xiaomi phones and now it's time for new update after MIUI 8 is already old fashioned. Hence, Xiaomi is almost done with the MIUI 9 which will be the latest update for Xiaomi and Redmi devices.

Barely few days back, MIUI 9 beta was released. MIUI 9 seems to be the latest update for Xiaomi's latest model which was delaying on launching for few months now - Hence, MIUI 9 beta is already out but report cannot confirm if it is part of the Xiaomi's latest update. MIUI 9 is built based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and more features are added to it. Thus, MIUI ROM already have about 2.8 billion users globally, the alluring news features which are/will be integrated on MIUI 9 makes it's users to be waiting eagerly for it to be launched.

There are some expected features to be embedded in the MIUI 9 by its users and in this article I will be sharing with you the top 10 most expected/anticipated features of MIUI 9 update.
  1. Split Screen Multi-tasking: This feature is an Android Nougat feature, it is one of the best new features to be integrated in MIUI 9 update. This feature has long been expected by its user, hence it's presently in Samsung mobiles and other Android nougat devices. However, there are also some available guides on how to activate split screen on the MIUI 9 rom update, to start split screen then you have to follow this procedure. Click on Recent Key (you'll see where 'Split Screen Mode' is Written then Toggle it at the top corner of the screen) => Click on it again and drag whichever app you want to use in the split screen mode => After you must have selected two different apps, you'll get the option of having the second app below the first app thereby dividing your screen into to and also launching two different applications at the same time. Like I already said earlier, this rom MIUI 9 is built based on Android nougat. However, this same procedure can also be used in some of the Android nougat devices while some can be set for the first time through the device's settings.
  2. System Optimizations: MIUI 9 ROM’s mostly concentrates on system optimization which is the main thing every user required among all the features. We can say that this is the Special feature for Android Nougat users where they feel common version. However, MIUI 9 rom gives the user the ability to make use of Smart App Launcher which will provide the quick app launch than others and has the Optimizing Settings like Dynamic Resource Allocation, Wireless Acceleration, Critical Background Acceleration, Launch Acceleration, Core Congestion Control, Auto Cleaning etc.
  3. Lock Screen And Home Screen Enhancements: By mare looking, the Lock Screen Enhancement looks similar to the one present in the previous versions of the ROM. However, few changes are made in it which differs the both previous 'MIUI 8' lock screen and the present 'MIUI 9' lock screen. Swiping from the left to the right on the Lock Screen (just an inverse of the previous rom) - secondly, more options are added to it like Mi Remote, Mi Home, torch light that is easy to use even when the phone is locked is also added. Regarding to the Home Screen Enhancement, it is one of the best transformation done in the MIUI 9 rom because this feature makes the phone attractive which many users are willing to have on their phones. Initially, apps are moved on the home page background from one page to another but the MIUI 9 rom introduced another trending styles which will be the point of attraction to many people. Hence, MIUI 9 invented the use of widget which can be able to cover a full page all by itself along with vertical scrolling.
  4. Smart Assistant: This is the latest upgraded thing in every Android 7.1.1 Nougat devices which are very easy to access the internal files or applications. We all expect this kind of features which are not casually given in all the devices. You can access the search bar for searching images, text messages, emails, web pages, notes etc which you have on the phone directly. To access this option then you to follow this steps - Simply swipe the Home Screen from left to right and you will find a search bar which is similar to the Google Now Page. This is the cool and trending technique which is also used by Apple, Google and Samsung mobiles but you can access the entire phone software including the internet on a Single Search Bar.
  5. Quick Reply and Notification Management: This feature enables you to be able to see/read your messages and notifications even without opening them, Hence you can make use of two-finger swipe gesture to reveal the notifications separately and allowing you to reply to the messages in the notification itself. Also, another feature like the Notification Filter will separate the messages which are important and those that are not important then keep the rest in the mute mode. This feature is one of the main advantages which prevents the user from getting disturbed by unwanted messages.
  6. New Animations And New MIUI 9 Themes: Across the whole UI (user interface) coming to the Animations, there are some new, unique and awesome animations which are only available in MIUI - This feature makes the ROM feel better and super faster. Generally, comparing to other animations which will make the RAM slow down but here it does not make RAM slow and even it has the special quality of presenting the app icons get their own opening and closing animations. Regarding to the New MIUI 9 Themes, it introduces the latest and trending three themes which are like Cool Black, Colour Fantasy and No Boundary. Hence, they are all beautiful, awesome and alluring. These will give a special look for all the apps and give a dark background with slightly subdued app icons. Also, there are some more themes that are going to be launched by Xiaomi which will give enlarging theme store.
  7. Smart App Launcher: A very cool feature which is mainly aiming to attract the users by making the different number of applications can be accessed at a time whereby it'll be displayed on the screen which you are presently using. It is classified as the Best Launcher ever which allows the the user to access more than two to three applications at a time without navigating back to the Home Screen or Home Page. 
  8. Security App Enhancements: Security is one of the best feature which is required in every Smartphones, in MIUI 9 some features are added to it and now we can find some more options like Dual apps, App lock, Boost speed and Second Space which are different from other devices. The best option is to tighten the security of the phone and make all the files safe just like using some third party security apps like Domobile App lock etc. However, more option will be shown to the users like Cleaner, Battery life, Manage apps, Data Usage, Blocklist, Security Scan etc.
  9. Image Search: Just like making use of Smart App (similar) but as it sounds, I guess that it has already explained it's work to you. However, I'll still highlight one or two things regarding to search. In image search, you only images/pictures in gallery or photos. Also, you can still perform some other minor search like searching for an Event, Screenshot, Documents, Expression, People and many more but all these can be done while your mobile data is turned on.
  10. MIUI Lab: MIUI Lab is not yet available or ready to use in the MIUI 9 Smartphones but it is said that in the future it will be available in the MIUI 9 for the users to hold the Experimental Features in MIUI which users can access and test it if they are interested. 
Furthermore: Aside the OTA updates, MIUI users can also update their smartphones by flashing MIUI 9 Recovery and Fastboot ROM. Thus, recovery ROM can only be installed by booting your device into recovery mode while the Mi Flash Tool is required to install Fastboot ROM.

The above listed features are the top 10 most expected/anticipated features of MIUI 9 update which all the MIUI users are eagerly waiting for the official release of MIUI 9 rom.
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About few weeks back, I wrote an article regarding to the top 5 Free mods to apply on any Android device without root which I included 3D Hologram Background as one of the application amongst the five listed apps. Sadly, you can only make use of your downloaded wallpapers or theme which can be applied inside the app. Perhaps, most of you must have come across the 3d hologram before while some will be coming across it the first time through this article. 3D hologram background is a unique app which brings multi-layered parallax themes that redefine the concept of the wallpaper to your home screen. This app is more than just live wallpaper - its a community of people sharing their amazing creations so you will never get bored.

Today, I'll be sharing with you how to create 3d hologram using Phogy which involves making use of your camera and capture live pictures. Thus, this application is just like 3d hologram but it gives you ability to be creative and be able to produce your own hologram without joining any community for help. Perhaps, this is the feature which makes it better than the 3d hologram app.

This application is not difficult to use, on the other hand it's only available for Android 6 users. However, you can still try it out in Android KitKat and Lollipop to see if it'll work for your device but to do that, you have to download it from a third-party link that is not Google play store because Google play store indicates if an app or game is compatible or not but with third-party link, you can download the app then install it in your device.

Anyways, Phogy is an innovating and a cool app that allows you to create alluring 3D background wallpapers which moves when the smartphone is moved using your phone's camera. Hence, the name Phogy is derived from photography (my thoughts).

How To Create 3D Movable Background Wallpaper Using Phogy
Firstly, Download and Install Phogy on your Android smartphone.

Launch Phogy either directly from the Google play store or through your app drawer

 Tap on the Camera icon then read the manual on how to use it. However, you can still skip it if you don't wish to read it.

Capture any image through your camera by clicking on the camera icon then move your device as the capturing time counts down or move to the extreme.

Now, Allow it to Analyze, Process and then save (this will take about 30 secs considering the quality of the image you're capturing).

You can preview the captured image directly after it finish processing or you can go back and tap on the Gallery.

For further settings on the app, simply tap on the Settings icon then you can set it to your own quality. However, you can have access to all the settings except if you're a pro user.

This app 'Phogy' is an amazing app an Android user must have, it's simple to use and works great, create your own 3d Movable background like 3d hologram using your camera or selfie. Hence, you're limited to make use of this app if you're not a pro (paid) user. The most unfortunate part of this app is that you cannot apply the edited Wallpaper if you didn't buy the premium version. However, you can get the premium version of the app directly inside the app by simply clicking on the Buy Pro icon inside the app.
The Apprise In Technology, Specialty In Phone Specification (Nokia, Galaxy, iPhone Huawei, Apollo), Top Best List (Games, Apps, Icon Packs, MIUI 9)
Top Free MIUI 8 Themes
MIUI 8 is the latest version of the OS and brings a bunch of new features like Mi Cloud Photo Sync, new photo editing and video editing options, Second space, Quick Ball, Scrolling Screenshots, Dual Apps, Built-in Caller ID system, along with a number of new features and improvements.

Additionally, the ability for customization through its unique theme engine which renews the home screen, lock screen, icons, system UI and even ringtones in a single click are the top and greatest reasons behind the popularity of the Xiaomi's smartphones.

For several years now, MIUI 8 turns out to be the latest update of Xiaomi's OS (operating system). However, the operating system have over 200 million users around the world and with Xiaomi soliciting feedback from it's coming for new features, it is a continually evolving platform.
In this article, i will be sharing the best and free themes for MIUI. Without wasting much time, let's begin with the top 5 best MIUI 8 themes to try in august 2017

iOS Rainy Girl:
iOS Theme For MIUI 8
iOS Rainy Girl is a theme that comes with a superb color combination which will enhance your phone’s beauty. However, it is an iOS inspired theme for MIUI which gives you the opportunity to try the look and feel of iOS 10. iOS Rainy Girl is an official theme which supports both the MIUI 6, MIUI 7 as well as MIUI 8. The theme modified the major parts of MIUI interfaces.

Thus, iOS Rainy Girl comes with tons of features that gives you the fancy look and feel you're seeking for. However, the 4 unlock style in the theme makes it exceptional amongst others - the four unlock styles includes the stock, iOS, slide and the fingerprint. Also, it comes with a cool raindrop animations which can be applied in both home and lock screen.

To switch on/off the wallpaper animation, simply double tap on your screen. Furthermore, this theme has true look of iOS on the contact, status bar, dialer etc. This theme can be find in any theme store but I'll still drop an alternative link on where to get it directly.

Android N:
Android N Them For MIUI 8
Android N is a popular OS now, in fact it's the latest OS apart from the upcoming Android O which already have a beta version but without having a particular name yet. At last the Android N theme is officially available for both MIUI 8 China and MIUI 8 Global ROM. However, the Android N theme comes with look and feel of Android Nougat interfaces along with icons and colors (just the carbon copy of Android N OS). The theme modified the most UI part of MIUI look and feel. Thus, You’ll have a distinct experience in MIUI with Android N theme.

Slimdroid Theme For MIUI
Slimdroid is another cool theme that can transform your phone from original theme to something superb without getting into the complicated process of flashing custom ROM in your device. Slimdroid is a designed theme yo can download and install on your phone. However, this theme was designed by DEUGE7746, he's a popular MIUI theme designer with assorted of themes shows released.

Thanks to MIUI developer succeeded in including Themes app within MIUI and now meet Slimdroid Based on currently trending materialized design. Hence, many areas have been heavily themed including status bar, icons, clock widgets, dialer, message app and a lot of them. Aside that, the MIUI default lock screen has also been modded. The developer added an amazing lock screen feature which allows its users to make use of “double tap to music control” which makes it more unique.

Real iOS 10.3 and 10.2:
MIUI 8 Real iOS Theme
Real iOS 10.2 is an exclusive iOS theme designed for both MIUI 8 China and MIUI 8 Global ROM - The theme carries a nice looking and perfect design oh Apple's iOS 10. However, this theme is the combination of MR KHAERRY ANWAR'S XiOS 10 theme designed by IAMHRITHIK. However, this theme has been tested on Redmi note 3 prime and Redmi 3s. The v1 and v2 is the combination of iOS 9 premium and xiOS 10 theme but many changes was made by the designer.

Hence, New version 3.0 is now available but it's paid 'it took too much time to create the new design and anyone can steal my design yet they will not give me credits that's why' said by the developer. However, there are features which are embedded in the version 10.3 which includes the Camera app themed with iOS style, Status icons are updated, Instagram themed with iOS style, transparent recent menu background, New white design status bar, New search bar design in SMS, Settings, Dialer etc.

Valak Theme For MIUI 8
Looking for dark theme for your MIUI device?, here's the best theme for you which is highly customized. Hence, if you're a black lover then you can definitely try out this best dark MIUI 8 theme, I normally enable this theme when ever i use my Redmi device at night, its looks stunning and I suggest you try it out as well.

The above themes are the best themes that I've tried so far in my Redmi device, it looks stunning and outstanding. Maybe you must have come across these themes before but wasn't sure of it's component and you pass by, I'm telling you today that you're loosing and the above themes are top 5 best MIUI 8 themes to try in august 2017 that I can recommend for you because I've given it a try.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HD Stock Wallpapers
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has not been launched yet but some of the stock properties have already stated leaking online, I was astonished when I come across the amazing HD stock wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Although the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is approaching, which I know that it won't take much time from now 'just a matter of few weeks'.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallpapers appeared firstly on a Vietnam's blog '' and a Chinese Social Media Network 'Weibo'. According to the regular information provided through the latest leak, it is safe to assume that the upcoming high-end phablet is going to arrive in eight colours: Deep Sea Blue, Midnight Black, Orchid, Arctic Silver, Pink, Coral Blue, Gray/Violet, Dark Blue and Gold.

However, we have recently seen some of the leaked press renders of the upcoming Samsung flagship device which is the Galaxy Note 8. It seems like these leaked images are more authentic with each day passing by, as we have the set of Galaxy Note 8 Stock Wallpapers that have been seen in those press renders.

Thus, the leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers are and will be the official or Stock Wallpapers that will come along with the future Galaxy Note 8 device. Aside this there are reports which says that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a better TouchWiz UI pre-loaded in it along with lots of new apps and features we all are expecting in the future Note series device which is going to be revealed on the 23rd of August this year.

Regarding to the previous leaks, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 expected to sport a 6.3 inch QHD Super AMOLED display probably having over 500+ ppi resolution, 3,300mAh Battery, Dual rear Camera setup, 64 GB of Internal Storage and 6 GB of RAM. There would be a front IRIS scanner installed on the top right of the device also.

Below are some preview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however you can download the images one after the other or click on the download button to get all the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallpapers in a zip format. (Note: few wallpapers will be dropped as the preview while all the wallpapers are in zip format which you can download once by clicking on the download button).

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