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At the E3 2017, it was announced that God Of War 4 will be unviel for PlayStation 4 (PS4). Earlier in 2016 E3 conference, it was said that the game "God Of War 4" is currently under development. During the E3 conference in 2016, we are made to believe that the game "God Of War 4" will be arriving this year 2017 - though the exact date was not said it set. However, this game is only made available for PlayStation 4 as at now, definitely it'll be ported for other lower devices as well but that demands time.

to Aside that, the preview of the game is already out and how many of us could imagine this God Of War game to be heart wrenching take about a fallen god and his son?. I could vividly how God Of War Ghost of Sparta and God Of War Chain of Olympus Played in all devices including Android phones but with the help of PPSSPP EMULATOR which allows you to play PPSSPP games in Android phones.

Regarding to the story, It is a new beginning for Kratos. Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, he ventures into the brutal Norse wilds with his son Atreus, fighting to fulfill a deeply personal quest.

Anyways, how many of you expected the next God of War game to be a heart-wrenching tale about a fallen god and his son? When the earlier leaks showed Kratos knee-deep in Norse mythology, how many presumed we’d be playing God of The Last of Us? Well, Santa Monica has taken a brave step, essentially stripping back everything that God of War has become – a series of giant, jaw-dropping set-piece battles rendered in gorgeous detail – to offer up a slower, more considered narrative. And early signs indicate that it could be all the better for it. Listening to game director Cory Barlog talk through an extended version of the E3 demo in a behind-closed-doors presentation, it’s clear that the changes aren’t a result of half-hearted decision-making; the entire game was overhauled.

Regarding to the impression, Some may wish to simply see more of the same God of War, but with pretty PS4 graphics, but I for one am delighted with the new direction the series is taking. To still get all the same incredible set-pieces anchored by a decent narrative and a better connection to Kratos can only be a good thing.

Hey guys! are you noticing any difficulties in making use of your volume button? Ahm… maybe it's hard to press or not pressing at all - to cut it short, it's faulty. Volume as we all know the effect it gives to any gadget but in terms of phones "especially Android" - it does many work. As the matter of fact, Volume can be classified in to many segments. However, it depends on how you want to use it it where you want to apply it.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show the different types of Volume and how to make use of your preferred effect without engaging yourself in too much stress. Sometimes to make use of RINGER VOLUME you need to turn off your media (it could be music or video etc) and to turn on MEDIA VOLUME then you need to keep your music or video playing but that's not what I'm going to talk about today. Hence, all this volumes can be applicable without going through all these processes. Secondly, you can as well control your phones brightness using the same procedure and that means killing two birds with one stone. In order not to terminate much of your time, let's get started with the tutorial.
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At first, there's a new app in the Google play store known as the VOLUME SLIDER. Hence it's a free app to try but unfortunately, you'll be limited to make use of the app except you buy the premium version of the app. Hence, you can get the pro version inside the free version of the app.

After you must have downloaded the app (Volume slider) be it free version or pro version of the app, the first thing you must do before other customization is giving permission to the app.

Giving permission doesn't mean that you have to root your Android device because this app doesn't require any root access which means that it's Suitable for all types of Android smartphone.
To give Permission, simply go-to your Settings => Accessibility =>and turn on Volume slider. Anyways, this app will automatically navigate you to the Accessibility part so you don't have to undergo the steps I already given above but if your phone didn't navigate to you automatically to the Accessibility area then you have to follow the above steps.

After you must have grabbed permission to the app, simply hit the back button and it'll return you back to the app. So the configuration begins from here.
Toggle on the Volume slider when you get to the app, then Click on the NUMBER OF EDGES and select the number of sides you want to Volume effect to be used on but unfortunately for those using the free version of the app, you'll be redirected to choose more than one edge unless you upgrade to the premium version. Secondly, you won't be able to make use of OPTION in the app because it's part of the premium version of the app.

Now, let's get to the other configurations. Click on the drop down arrow near the diagram that'll be shown to you in the app, then select the function you want each of the edges (sides) to be performing and when you're done then you can now turn on your volume (Notification, Media, Ringer Alarm, System even your phones brightness as well) by just swiping up or down the screen sides where you placed each of the functions (be it,
left, right, top left, top right, bottom etc) it's all left for you to configure to your own desires.

However, you can check out other Volume​apps from the Google play store, know how it works and how to make use of any one of them.

A-Volume Widget allows instantly see on your desktop and quickly adjust the current volume levels of alarm, media player, voice call, ringer and system notifications. Widget displays the current volume levels, regardless of the way in which they were set. The minimal widget size is only 1х1. Widget is resizable - you can increase it's size if you want (for Android 3.1+ only! Long touch on the widget and change it's size). Click on the Widget and set the volume level of any channel(s) in one touch! Vibrate mode setting supported. Quick open, set and close.

Volume Control+ is a volume control app that support changing control types and colors in an Android smartphone. This app come with three different kinds of control type are the Volume dial, Seek bars and Buttons. However, to get total control features of Volume effect of your android phone then you need to rotate the device horizontally.

Volume control effects can also be listed as the Media, Ring, Notifications, In-call, alarm, system Volume. Mute and Unmute may be included. Thus, this app can provide you with more color to make use of but it'll only work when you update to the premium version of this app.
Hmm, I guess that'll be all for now… Stay updated to AndroBliz for more tutors that'll come your way.

Some Android smartphone do come with a good camera but not all Android phones, in today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how to turn your Android device into a DSLR Camera (wow). Anyways, before I start with the tutorial, I'll like to explain what DSLR means because I'm sure that is not everyone that clicked on the link of this post actually knows the meaning of DSLR and that's one of the main reasons I'll like to explain the meaning to get the along.

DSLR actually means Digital Single Lens Reflex, a typical example is a separate camera with high graphics. Having known the meaning of DSLR camera, maybe I'll proceed with the tutorial on how to convert your Android device into DSLR camera. This tutorial is applicable to all Android OS version and yes, before I proceed - I'll like to ask one question. Do you think that DSLR is for real in Android phones? for me, it's yes because I believe and know so - well I don't know for you, it depends on you or rather should I say that I might convince you when the tutorial is completed. Let's tackle the problem and get to tutorial without consuming much of your time, of course that's what am doing already.

If most of you can remember correctly, there was one camera that came up back then by name Google camera, some call it lollipop camera because this camera was invented along side with the Lollipop OS. Unfortunately, this app is nowhere to be found in the Google play store and I can't be able to provide you with the app as well because you need to get your device's version of the app so I guess you'll be making use of your search engine and for better results, try making use of Chrome browser to search for it in the Google.

Ahm, To check your Android phone version simply follow this steps (i.e if you're finding it difficult to know your device version/OS) Go-to your Settings => About phone and you'll know the version of your Android device. Let's continue before I get carried away with teaching you how you can know your device version.

After you must have downloaded the Google camera/Lollipop camera, Install and launch it in your device. For some phones, this app might crash when it is launched for the first time but don't panic - simply exit the app and relaunch it again and you'll get your Google camera working properly and for those who already have Google camera installed in their phone as a stock app (built-in), there's no need for you to download it again.

Google Camera have all the necessary things that can convert your Android smartphone to be DSLR camera but sadly, some Android version (Lollipop and below) doesn't have all it takes to be able to produce a DSLR Camera. However, DSLR Camera consist of two different main features which are the BLUR LENSE and the PANORAMA. Also, there are other features which are HDR, AUTO SCENE etc. Still yet, Google Camera can be used but only BLUR LENSE can work on Google Camera - the BLUR LENSE feature is already enough to give you the camera you desires but for the PANORAMA, No third-party app is needed for it because it is already integrated in Android camera.
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You can as well check out other apps which can perform like a DSLR Camera but unluckily, some of these apps have pro version and free version. This means that your access towards the free version of the​ app will be limited and going for the pro version will cost you some doe but not to worry, I'll include the ones that you can deal with and can also work smoothly even without upgrading to pro version of the apps.

One of the best and greatest camera that will be on your mobile phone and on your tablet. It has very nice features and shapes available, you will feel like you're using HD camera and with the professional camera you will get the best video, best photos and Share photos and videos on social media in an easy way - that's why i prepared for you Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera and video application.

However, it possess all the camera features including up-to-date features, up-to-date design, up-to-date content and new style zooming camera and video application with you. Also this camera Supports Best Zooming quality, it is mind-blowing camera with HDR Effects, HDR Improve images captured in low-light and backlit scenes.

Sincerely speaking, I was astonished that this camera could produce a clear shot. I didn't expect much feature in it but I was really surprised when I made use of it, though I only tried taking photo with it at night and it was superb. Well, I haven't tried making use of it during the day time but since the outcome was appetizing during night hours, I'm sure that during daybreak the camera won't have any competiting third party camera.

I rate this camera to be one of the best third-party cameras and​ I also included it in my write-up which indicates how good this camera is, maybe you should try it and see what all trying to explain to you. This camera packed many alluring features most of you must having been looking in cameras for God knows when. Anyways, to make it short - this camera is really good and you can try it as well.

I included this camera because of those that doesn't have panorama feature in their camera, This camera "Panorama 360" is one of the best among all the panorama cameras which has high rate downloads and good comment review in the Google play store. I haven't used this camera app before because I have this feature in my phone camera but I made use of this particular panorama camera because of the review people gave in the Google play store and that's why I suggested that it'll be good for you as well because others have tried it and it worked for them so you can still try it out.

DSLR Cameras are regarded as the best cameras, based on the meaning of DSLR which I already said easier in this post - I'm sure that you've gotten your answers.

Secondly, In this post, I said that the Google Camera can't be found in Google play store. Yes, it's true but it is still in Google play store, maybe it was hidden " I can't explain though" but after I downloaded the camera from Google, I got a notification on my phone which says that Google Camera needs update. So in order not to waste your time searching for Google Camera that'll be compatible for your phone, i will drop a Google play store link on where to get it.

>>Download Google Camera Here<<

Many tutorials have been popping up about how to change Notification bar color, some are done with the aid of root (must have a rooted Android device) while some don't need rooting. Nevertheless, almost all the third-party apps that I've come across in the Google play store or the internet doesn't give the exact look of a true Android Notification bar and panel rather they look odd and different from that of a real Android notification bar and panel.

Therefore, in this tutorial - I'll like to guide you on how you can change your notification bar and Notification panel color as well as giving it a pleasant look of a true Android Notification bar and notification panel color. Hence, you can still customize it to your own preferred design and color.

Aside from customizing your notification bar and panel color I'll also like to introduce another feature in addition of the ones I've already added, I mean the Heads-up Notification. I could remember clearly the very first time Android 5 (Lollipop) came out, everyone was eager to get Android Lollipop running on their devices and the unfortunate ones make use of third-party apps in customizing their Android phone to look like lollipop device (I was a victim too lol) until I came across Roms and how to flash ROMs (either with Computer or a custom recovery "CWM, TWRP, COT etc") although that wasn't the case here. Hmm, I'm just trying to brief you about how eager most of us were to run Android Lollipop and it's alluring features.
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Anyways, to avoid being carried away by my experience back then, it's high time I should begin with the tutorial but to make my point clear, this tutorial is all about personalizing your Notification panel and Notification bar color/background, in addition of heads-up notification. that is, two different works in one app. Whereas, I'll pick the tutorial one after the other so as not to complicate issues or get you confused. At first, I'll like to tutor you guys on how to customize notification bar and Notification panel background.

At first, you need to download Material Status Bar. However, restrictions are applied to this app until you download the pro version of this app. Well, I can't tell how this app might look in the free version because this tutorial is done using the pro version of the app. So after downloading and installing it then launch the app, at the first page of the app - you'll see something like NOTIFICATIONS and ACCESSIBILITY, this means granting permission to the app.


Like I already said at the first page of the app that​ you'll see some words written as NOTIFICATIONS and ACCESSIBILITY it's left for you to choose any of the both that you want to apply or grant Permission to but before you get to the NOTIFICATIONS and ACCESSIBILITY, you need to toggle on the app first. Click on anyone of the two, it'll navigate you on where to configure each and everyone of it but if it didn't then you have to follow this procedure.
For the NOTIFICATIONS​, follow this steps - Go-to Setting =>Security =>Notification access =>Click on Material Status Bar, accept the terms and conditions then toggle it on, hit the back button to go back to the app.
For the ACCESSIBILITY, follow this steps - Go-to Setting =>Accessibility =>Tap on Material Status Bar, accept the warning then toggle it on as well, tap the back button to go back to the app.

★ After you must have granted access to the app, click on the theme and select the type of theme you want (it could be Lollipop, Gradient, Dark Gradient or Flat) the option is yours.

★ Click on Transparent Status Bar, then select the launcher that you're using, make sure you toggle on USE DARK ICON so as to blend with any area you are in.

APP LIST - Choose the color you want for each app while BLACK LIST - Is  to disable the status bar in a specific app. Anyways, this feature is not needed just want to include it.

★ Next, click on the OPTION BUTTON (three horizontal line) then select CUSTOMIZE and toggle on the three features in it (it is optional).

★ Click on the OPTION BUTTON again then select NOTIFICATION PANEL, Enable Notification panel.

★ Click on the PANEL THEME and select your preferred theme color and background.

★ Toggle COLORIZE PANEL on if not the background will remain blue.

CUSTOMIZE PROFILE PIC, well this is the picture that appears when Notification panel of brought down. It can also be seen as the owners profile where the owners details will be filled.
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Now, you've successfully configured your notification bar and Notification panel so the next tutorial is about how you can integrate Heads-up Notification with the same app (Material Status Bar). This is just an extra feature added to this app to make it more unique and enticing for users to go for it.

★ To activate it, simply tap on the OPTION BUTTON and click on HEADS-UP - Toggle it on and set the preferred color style you want it to display (white or black). Now tap on Heads position and select your preferred position (Below status bar, Over status bar or Bottom of the screen).

The above are the steps that you'll take to get your Notification bar and Notification panel customized, with this steps you can still have the look of a true Android Notification bar and Notification panel color/configuration. Anyways, this app consist of two apps that functions differently. However, this is what I call killing two birds with one stone.

On Friday, the CEO of Apple company "Tim Cool"  warned the graduates at MIT, a pioneer in the computers and robots fields, about technology's dehumanising aspect and impel them to insert it's development with their own quality.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tim Cook in his commencement speech said that he's not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers the ability to think like humans. He also said that he is more concerned about people thinking like computers, without concern for consequence or without values of compassion.
Cook praised the benefit of new devices and social media while he was addressing to thousands of students and their families at MIT's Cambridge, Massachusetts campus.

However, he also warned that the same technologies can partake people through threats to security or privacy, technology must be tempered with human knowledge "he said".Cooks speech didn't fracture new ground for him as the head of world's most valuable technology company but added some circumstances around some of his part decisions - like taking controversial stances to protect privacy rights and investing heavily in green technologies.

On the same Friday, Cook has found the president "Donald Trump" policies faulty - however, put forth only an amiable joke at the president's expense, telling the students that it is obvious they have assumed control of Trump's Twitter account and he "Tim Cook"  can tell that college students are behind it because most of the tweets happened around 3 A.M.

Later on, Cook who's openly gay but famously and carefully​ aware of all circumstance gave brief details about himself except to outline what he described as frustrating search for meaning until joining Apple. At a point he said that he sought guidance in religion and last year met with Pope Francis, who Cook said reinforced his own sense that technology must be harnessed with strong values. According to him, He said that Pope Francis told him, "Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely."

Cook's 15 minutes lecture stood in contrast to a lengthier graduation speech his predecessor, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, gave at MIT rival Stanford University in 2005, in which Jobs outlined his free-thinking background and told graduates to find work they loved. Cook took a more conventional career path to the top of Apple, where he became CEO in 2011 after stints at IBM and Compaq.

Launcher is one of the components of an Android smartphone, it could be Stock launcher (built-in) or a third-party launcher (the ones you install). As the matter of fact, all Android come with it's own launcher because it's the first thing you'll see whenever a device is turned on. Have you ever imagine how an Android device will look like if there's no launcher in it? to conclude it, I'll say that it is part of system UI (User Interface).

Unfortunately, some Android phones come with boring launcher and also might not have more advance features in it so you think of getting yourself a third-party launcher to help make your device interface look great and good for anyone to operate.

Making your Android smartphone to look good can only be possible with the aid of the launcher you're using, how you customized it, if possible the icon pack you're using, Wallpaper and any other things but if launcher is not included then I guess that your effort might not work out as you planned. I'm not saying that you can't alter your stock launcher but you'll be limited with some features and also note that stock launcher can not give you the look and feel you desire for you Android phone.
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However, to give a good looking/pleasant interface to your Android smartphone then it demands a third-party launcher for it. Secondly, you can customize it the way you want without any restriction. Thus, not all third-party launchers are free in the Google play store "I guess that their developers also keep the free version of them as well" but it doesn't mean that you can't customize your Android smartphone using a free third-party launchers. Anyways, let's get started with the recommended top 10 best Android launchers for 2017, since I have no much time left for me.


Definitely, it's one of the best launchers of 2017. sincerely speaking, I was astonished when I noticed that this launcher is the highest rated launcher of Google play store. At first, i never understood why it was rated as the highest launcher of Google play store until I use it - However, this launcher is very fast, stable and above all it has tons of customizing features. Maybe that's some of the reasons why it was rated high. I've tried this launcher, it looks cool and I'm pretty sure that you'll like this launcher as well.


This is the best launcher I've ever used, is not that other launchers are not good enough but I guess my likes might be your dislikes so you have your own choice to make - to cut it short Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout.
This launcher is the Second rated launcher on Google play store which has high customizing features (Highly customizable, great performance and also accepts no substitute on the home screen) - in fact you can use it to tweak your Android interface, It is fast, simple and stable, also compatible with most of Android devices.
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However, Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can work in handy with any icon pack or customization you give to it which can blend all your Installed apps to give unique look. Thus, this launcher is of two types (the paid version"Nova launcher prime" and the free version). Hence, you can make use of the free version if you don't have the money to buy the paid version from the Google play store. It also possesses the same features as the paid version just that you won't be able to make use of Tesla unread (count badge etc) but you can access other features. It's a pretty Launcher to try and most of Android users makes use of it.


As the name implies, I'm sure you've already gotten your answers. ASAP simply means FAST (As soon as possible). Thus, ASAP Launcher is a home screen replacement which lets you do what you want faster, without the clutter - With three swipes, you can get ever settings, tweaks and apps instantly. How does this work? by swiping right - you'll get your cards including your calendar and Todo list, by swiping left you'll get your weather and contacts arena, by swiping to the edge of your left side you'll get to open your app drawer with a list view and by swiping up - you'll get other apps as well (maybe mostly used or recently used apps).


This launcher is a highly customizable launcher as well, you can customize each and every element of this launcher. In a simple words - this launcher takes customization to another level, it only demands your time to customize it - you can tweak everything in the launcher both the apps and the widget. wow, really nice! isn't it? I guess you should also give it a try.


This is a perfect high performance launcher with great performance skills, also works very fast in a slow performing phone or low memory phone (RAM). This launcher also look a little bit like the ASAP LAUNCHER (Swipe features), You can swipe to the right - you'll get to see your frequently used apps, recently launched apps including the recently dialed numbers and many more of them.
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Arrow is the personal launcher from Microsoft Garage that offers a radical simplification of the Android experience. Arrow is lightweight, fast and efficient.With Arrow, you can personalize your device so that it matches your style. Customize icon packs, home page layouts, wallpapers, and more. With the Bing wallpaper of the day feature, you will have a fresh new look every day.


This is a good and solid launcher but you need some support in making use of it - like the icon packs etc. However there are some differences between this launcher and the other launchers e.g the search bar which looks different from the other launchers - by just swiping down, you'll get to your search bar and some other recommendation (start searching and you'll also get the related apps along with it). Swipe up and you'll get all your apps and games in the app drawer you want. You can customize the size of each app but you can't change the background though it doesn't offer features like the Nova launcher and other launchers but I'm pretty sure that you'll like it.


The innovative launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized.
This launcher is a simple clean launcher, which gives your phone a simple look and also speeds up your device. The most appetizing feature is how it organizes apps and place them under the category they belong and this can help you locate any app easier without much stress. Use of swipe is applicable in this launcher as well. However, this launcher is totally different from all the launchers I've tried and I guess it's different launcher in the Google play store as well.
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This launcher I must say that it is unique compared to other launchers which have search bar and pages as well but in this launcher - all the apps are kept in one page which quickly launches apps with grid preview and no obstruction or delay.
Quickly browse and launch your apps using an adjustable Fisheye Lens. The Graphical Fisheye Lens algorithm is derived from methods proposed by Manojit Sarkar and Marc H. Brown. Also, Lens launcher have other features like a full Settings menu to tweak all aspects of the Lens; Distortion, Scaling, Icon Size, Haptic Feedback etc. Anyways, it's a free app to try and it's really amazing.


Ap15 launcher is another unique launcher, most of the time you get bored pressing big icons or you want something simple and different. Ap15 is a lightweight home screen replacement focused on minimalism and efficiency. This launcher is quite faster and simple - it displays apps in label view instead of showing icons. The most interesting part is that you can customize the labels, you can change the size, color, background/Wallpaper or whatever you want. Extra, it also have it's own features like how it automatically manage favorite apps by counting the times they were open and give emphasis to them - secondly, all non favorite apps are still easily accessible without the need to open an app drawer. It's a good launcher to try as well.

The above recommended launchers are the best launcher for Android 2017 which have great look, customization and also tweaks. Why not give them a try and see how unique and pleasant they are

Hello guys, do you ever remember the first mobile phones​ that was produced? it just started​ with this huge black and white phones that looks like bricks then there are flip phones and slide phones but several after it's smartphone and now it seems like everyone has one. You probably noticed that lightly the smartphones started looking alike, that's why in this write-up I'll like to drop the list of the unique smartphone that you probably haven't seen before or will I say that you can never believe that such phones really exist. Each of this phone has unique designing​ causing edge technology and without wasting much of your time, let's get started.

★ NOKIA 888:

This phone is an example of flexibility, the soft frame will allow you to bend the phone to any direction or position you want (it could be around your wrist, bend inwards and outwards, fold it etc). The phone suppose to be 5 millimeter thick and apart from that, this device will have a built-in systemic cable that allows it to move or bend if you get a message or call. The liquid battery will be used for energy supply and we have to anticipate for it soon in the market because it looks alluring.

Furthermore, there are some other features which it possesses​ such as built-in Antenna, Flexible touch "of course the phone is already flexible", Moves during incoming call "because of the flexibility", Speech recognize, Unique Flexible Shell and for the headphone - it'll come with Nokia 888 Concept Phone and it is regarded as the most flexible headphone.


When unfolded, this phone looks like a remote control with a big screen. Nevertheless, the Lenovo Cplus can be used around the wrist. The very first time the phone was shown to the press in a close event at San Francisco, the representatives of the company (Lenovo) said that the screen can still be cracked like shattered glass when rolling it. However, the electronics inside the Lenovo Cplus is divided into different segments until the phone can be used as a smart watch and the interface changes according to the way you want to use it.

Extra, this phone also possesses it's own features as well but I'm not going to mention all of them "the ones that are considered to be the key fact". It is said to come with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage, diving into the camera - it is said to be packed with 13 MP for the primary camera and 5 MP for the secondary camera. The Lenovo cplus is said to run Android 6 "Marshmallow" (I guess it'll have nougat update) also Octa Core Processor in terms of performance and the battery is no less than 2500mAh.


This smartphone is the new web dream for all the video game fans, this is more than fun and has an unusual design because it slides, flips and rotates. Instead of the usual keyboard under the screen, the creator of this project inserted a set of unusual game buttons (a D pad and Flat sticks) so basically it's specialize for gaming and it's fun.

However, the Nintendo plus runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in addition of 5.1 inch full HD screen with an AMOLED panel. Also, there's a kick slider and rotation opening mechanism in the mix which serves as a means of making the screen slide up, down and around to your preferred position.


The heart of this phone is a multi-core processor, it has 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory but the main features is that this phone have four cameras and some of them can be controlled with gestures. Other features of Arubixs portal is stereo phone speakers, wireless charging, GSM and LTA support,a barometer, an electronic comfort, a GPS navigating system, a movement sensor, a chip for wireless payment and the possibility to immerse the phone in water upto 32 feet. It seems like this phone have everything you may think of but the more the better it'll be. However, the screen is protected against​ scratches and frame is made up of resisting material and as the matter of fact, this phone will be used as the modified version of Android.


Believe it or not because now you can assemble your own phone and renovate it with new pieces, the smartphone has four modules - the screen, camera, accumulator and the sensor. You can as well protect the construction with a cover, you can easily change the battery, camera, the screen and the main modules including the processor, RAM, flash memory and the video processor. Moreover, the Eco Mobius has an​ industrial design, all the components are installed in a transparent plastic frame - the less you see inside the transparent of this transformer.

Nevertheless, the smartphone have already been announced last year and it has been unveiled in a mock-up version. However, the phone is divided into three independent section which are the LCD, Core, and Batteries. Talking about the LCD modules, it includes the screen and the camera; The Core section comprises of removable modules (CPU, GPU, RAM). ZTE will develop various models to 4.9, 5.8 and 7.9 inches. Unlike the Project Ara modules are smaller and therefore more difficult to produce.


This unusual phone works along with the Windows phone 7, the folding designers designs the guarantee of the phone because the screen is usually closed up by the button flips. A little bit of the screen remains uncovered​ between the flips in order to show you most the important notifications (eg messages, missed calls, time and date etc). The device opens fast and reselect, press the two clicks at the left and right sides of the frame. Moreover the triple flips can fold out towards the left, like any other phone. This one has a visual Keyboard but for those who love retro phones, the device have quality Keyboard at one of the sides - however, it is a great smartphone for movie lovers. This telephone bends 270°and the screen also provide you with the best angle for watching films. Thus, you can also connect it to Monitors, HD Panel or Television.


How many screen does a modern cellphone need? On like most phones of nowadays, maybe two… No, I believe that three is the matching number. Even among modern phones you can find multi headed Cerberus but instead of three heads - this gadget has three screens and having three displays on Android is just a perfect solution for multitasking.

You might think this is unreal but the three screens in the mobile can be used with different apps running different mods"One app for each screen or for running the three different screens". The three screens are especially useful for running three different files at the same time and the keyboard at the back of the screen is just what you need to work even better with your flip phone.


When closed this smartphone has no difference from a usual PDA only a little bit thicker and normal" 13mm" but when you open it - you'll be amazed that is two 4.3 inch LCD display screen. It's huge display can be used to work on one app in four mode or two different apps at the same time - if you're watching a video for instance, you can enjoy it on both screens "just place it standing on a table so that two people can watch the same video at the same time." it's cool right? But this smartphone has couple of problems, the battery capacity is not the best and one charge will not be enough for a full day of work. Secondly, it is also fragile when closed - the screens are unprotected and you might end up breaking your phone.

This are the top 8 smartphones that you can never believe that it exists. Honestly speaking, I haven't seen any of these phones but I believe so much in technology and it's updates so I have no reason to doubt if they really exists or not but I'm sure that such phones exist "maybe not yet familiar with us.


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