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The return to school of the mobile world is full of new releases, but there is always one that takes all the flashes, the Apple with its new iPhone. The day has finally arrived and those of Cupertino have raised the curtain of their new smartphones. New in the plural, because yes, the rumors were right and today they have announced a new iPhone: the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

When a new Apple mobile arrives, the question that many users ask themselves is it worth changing to the new iPhone? This year, the main change between the iPhone X and the new iPhone Xs is that we now have two sizes to choose from, but it is not the only one. We see everything that has changed from the iPhone X to the new iPhone Xs.

Design: maintaining the essence (and the notch), now with new colors:

If you look at the design style and materials of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple has wanted to continue on the path started with the iPhone X. Both the original model and the new announced today have a steel frame surrounding the entire terminal, while its two faces are covered with glass. The design maintains the same line of sight, the main change is that we now have two models, one of 5.8 inches and one of 6.5 inches

On the front, the screen stretches to the edges and highlights the well-known notch at the top. In the rear part reigns the double chamber that is still placed in an oval tablet in a vertical position. Water resistance is also maintained in the new models, but with an improvement, we went from IP67 to IP68.

But the most notable change is in the size, specifically the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max, screen of which we will talk about below. The device becomes the heaviest iPhone with 208 grams, although not the largest (the 'plus' were a little higher). By the way, there is also news in the colors of the iPhone XS and XS Max, which can be achieved in space gray, silver and gold classics. The iPhone X is only available in space gray or silver.

Screen: OLED technology in two sizes:

As we already anticipated in the entry, the split of the iPhone Xs line in two models is the main difference with the device announced last year. The iPhone X of 2017 has a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels, crowned by the controversial notch, that kind of peninsula or eyebrow that is inserted slightly on the screen. The iPhone Xs screen measures 5.8 inches and has the same resolution as the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max rises to 6.5 inches and slightly increases the resolution.

Apple repeats the formula with the iPhone Xs and its panel of 5.8 inches, but also offers an extra large model that scales up to 6.5 inches. Both models have OLED displays and the iPhone Xs Max increases the resolution to 2,688 x 1,242 pixels. As seen in the images, they have the notch at the top. In addition, they maintain the True Tone technology, the 3D Touch and HDR touch system, also adding Dolby Vision.

Security: all three with FaceID:

The round start button of the iPhone was its hallmark for years. First, it only served to return to the home, then integrated the fingerprint reader and with the iPhone X, it disappeared in favor of FaceID, its advanced facial recognition system.

Apple does not back down and both the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max are still betting on the unlock system with his face. Apple says they have managed to make the system faster than in the iPhone X, we will have to wait for a thorough analysis to see how much. This also implies that we still have the same gesture system as the iPhone X; sliding up we go back to the beginning and sliding more slowly we open the multitasking.

Power: welcome, Apple A12, welcome 512 GB:

The iPhone X boasts muscle with the Apple A11 Bionic, a six-core chip that for a long time stood as the most powerful according to the best-known performance tests. This new generation mounts the renewal of this chip, an Apple A12 manufactured with the process of 7 nm that promises more power and less consumption and has a new generation of the Neural Engine. Apple indicates that the Apple A12 chip can process up to 5 trillion operations per second, while the A11 achieved 600,000 operations per second. With respect to graphics, there is also improved and the GPU is 50% faster. As had been rumored, the Apple A12 Bionic is the brain that is responsible for moving the iPhone Xs. In addition, a variant of 512 GB is released.

With respect to memory, the iPhone X has 3 GB of RAM and is available in 64 and 256 GB capacity versions. At the moment, the RAM of the new iPhone Xs is a mystery, but we do know that they will arrive in the same capacity versions, to which a third one adds up that reaches 512 GB, becoming the iPhone with the most storage in history.


We talked about the split into two sizes of the iPhone Xs, a strategy that Apple has been using for years with its 'plus' versions. But in the 'plus' models, there were more differences than size, we also found that the large version was the only one with a double camera. It is not the case here since both the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max mount the same double camera.

Few changes at hardware level in the dual camera of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the important novelties are in the software. We have a main sensor with 12 megapixels of resolution and wide-angle lens with F / 1.8 aperture, accompanied by a secondary 12 megapixel whose lens has a longer focal length (telephoto) and aperture f / 2.4. With this combination, the portrait and zoom mode of two magnifications is achieved. The two cameras have an optical stabilizer, focus on phase detection and record 4K videos.

If we look at the characteristics of the original iPhone X, we see that in terms of hardware there are no radical changes in the new models, but they maintain practically the same hardware. But there are changes, the size of the sensor has been extended, the lenses have been improved, which now have six elements, and the True Tone LED flash that detects the flicker.

The real news is at the software level. Now the image processing is done in combination with Neural Engine and gets better results, especially in the portrait mode, which also gains a very interesting novelty: now we can edit the blur after the photo is made. It also has a Smart HDR mode that looks like a direct attack on Google HDR + and we really want to try it.

With respect to the front camera, there are no changes in the hardware and we find a 7-megapixel sensor with lens f / 2.2 and portrait mode.

Software: iOS 12 to speech:

Regarding software, there is a tie, or rather there will be. The iPhone XS will leave the factory with iOS 12, the new version of the platform that has been in beta since its announcement at the WWDC conference. For its part, the iPhone X has iOS 11 but will be updated as soon as the new version is released.

Among the novelties of iOS 12 is Time of Use, a set of functions focused on making more rational use of the mobile phone, new animojis, Siri shortcuts, ARKit 2 and improvements in performance. It will be available for download soon.

Battery: the eternal mystery:

That Apple does not give details about the capacity of its batteries in milliamps/hour is not something new (we'll find out later), but they always give data about the duration. With the iPhone X, they offer us 2,716 mAh that promise 21 hours of call duration and 12 hours of navigation.

With the iPhone Xs, Apple says that the duration increases half an hour with respect to the iPhone X, a rather discreet improvement. For its part, the iPhone Xs Max takes advantage of its size to mount a larger battery and lasts an hour and a half longer than the iPhone X.

One more thing ... e-SIM:

We have already covered the main differences between the new iPhone Xs but there is one more that we have to highlight and it is the arrival of the e-SIM. Apple releases the virtual SIM with this generation, a system with which we can have a dual SIM and also the two can be active at all times so we can use the one that best suits us.

A moment ... And the price?

We did not forget one of the key points. The iPhone X was controversial for its high price, 1,159 euros for the 64 GB model, almost nothing. The price of the iPhone Xs of 64 GB remains the same, but rises to 1,329 euros in the variant of 256 GB and is placed at 1,559 euros for the 512 GB. If we go to the iPhone Xs Max, we start with 1,259 euros in the 64 GB model, followed by 256 GB with 1,429 euros and finally the 512 GB to 1,659 euros.

And now, we leave you with the complete list of technical specifications of the three models.

iPhone X vs iPhone Xs vs Xs Max, comparison chart:


DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT .......... 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm 174 grams

DESIGN .......... Stainless steel frame, resistant glass (front and back), IP67 water resistance, Colors: white or black

SCREEN ..........OLED 5.8 inches 19.5: 9 (2.436 x 1.125), True Tone, Wide Color, 3D Touch, HDR

PROCESSOR .......... Apple A11 Bionic Hexa core 64 bit 10 nm

RAM .......... 3 GB

MEMORY .......... 64/256 GB

DUAL CAMERA .......... Angular: 12 MP f / 1.8 28 mm, Telephoto: 12 MP f / 2.4 52 mm, OIS, PDAF, quad LED flash, portrait mode, 4K video

FRONT CHAMBER .......... 7 MP, f / 2.2, HDR, portrait mode

SOFTWARE .......... iOS 11 - upgradeable to iOS 12

BIOMETRY .......... Face ID

CONNECTIVITY .......... LTE, WiFi ac MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS-GLONASS, Lightning

BATTERY .......... 2.716 mAh, Quick Charge, Qi Wireless Charge

PRICE .......... 64 GB: 1,159 euros, 256 GB: 1,329 euros


DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT .......... 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm, 177 grams

DESIGN .......... Stainless steel frame, resistant glass (front and back), IP68 water resistance, colors: space gray, silver and gold

SCREEN .......... OLED 5.8 inches 19.5: 9 (2.436 x 1.125), True Tone, Wide Color, 3D Touch, HDR

PROCESSOR .......... Apple A12 Bionic Hexa core 64 bit 7nm 10 nm

RAM .......... To be confirmed

MEMORY .......... 64/256/512 GB

DUAL CAMERA .......... Angular: 12 MP f / 1.8, Telephoto: 12 MP f / 2.4, OIS, PDAF, quad LED flash, portrait mode, 4K video

FRONT CHAMBER .......... 7 MP, f / 2.2, HDR, portrait mode

SOFTWARE .......... iOS 12

BIOMETRY .......... Face ID

CONNECTIVITY .......... e-SIM with Dual SIM mode, LTE, WiFi ac MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS-GLONASS, Lightning

BATTERY .......... 30 minutes more than the iPhone X

PRICE .......... 64 GB: 1,159 euros, 256 GB: 1,329 euros, 512 GB: 1,559 euros


DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT .......... 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm
208 grams

DESIGN .......... Stainless steel frame, resistant glass (front and back), IP68 water resistance, colors: space gray, silver and gold

SCREEN .......... OLED 6.5 inches 19.5: 9 (2.688 x 1.242), True Tone, Wide Color, 3D Touch, HDR

PROCESSOR .......... Apple A12 Bionic Hexa core 64 bit 7nm

RAM .......... To be confirmed

MEMORY .......... 64/256/512 GB

DUAL CAMERA .......... Angular: 12 MP f / 1.8 28 mm, Telephoto: 12 MP f / 2.4 52 mm, OIS, PDAF, quad LED flash, portrait mode, 4K video

FRONT CHAMBER .......... 7 MP, f / 2.2, HDR, portrait mode

SOFTWARE .......... iOS 12

BIOMETRY .......... Face ID

CONNECTIVITY .......... e-SIM with Dual SIM mode, LTE, WiFi ac MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS-GLONASS, Lightning

BATTERY .......... 1.5 hours more than the iPhone X

PRICE .......... 64 GB: 1,259 euros, 256 GB: 1,429 euros, 512 GB: 1,659 euros
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The end of summer is the shooting season and that means there are also many rumors. In recent weeks there has been one that has caught our attention especially for being quite peculiar. We are talking about the mysterious Nokia 9 with five cameras that have appeared in images.

But although it seems like a new rumor, the reality is that he has been talking about a Nokia phone with five lenses since January. It seems that the terminal has been in development for quite some time and, if the latest information is confirmed, the market will still take longer to arrive since Nokia would have decided to postpone the launch to the Mobile World Congress.

The Nokia 9 is still making you beg:

The truth is that there is much confusion around the next big high-end Nokia. As we said, the rumors of the mobile with five cameras date from the beginning of the year, but at that time it was said that the device's name would be Nokia 10. In February Nokia announced the Nokia 8 Sirocco at the Mobile World Congress and soon after the rumors began of Nokia 9, which have been happening throughout the year.

The Nokia 9 has been said to be the first of the brand to have fingerprint reader under the screen and, more recently, has been attributed to that risky camera with no less than five lenses. Everything seemed to indicate that the Nokia 9 was going to be the flagship of the brand in 2018, but now information from Russia ensures that Juho Sarvikas, head of HMD, has decided to postpone the launch because the device would not be off already.

As we said, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the Nokia 9, which has a history of rumors that have been dilated throughout the year and often with contradictory information. No doubt the arrival of the Penta-camera is the most striking detail of all those who have shuffled so far, but for now, we can not avoid being skeptical about the Nokia 9. We will have to wait for more details.
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Classy And Colorful, The iPhone XR Is All The Phone Most People Need

Apple has been unveiling three new phones from 2017 and i expect the trend will continue. This year iPhone has unveiled a new phone called the iPhone XR, it is pronounced as ten-R. This brand new iPhone has similar specs such as those on IPhone Xs and xs Max. Good thing about the iPhone XR is that it is 250$ cheaper as compared to iPhone Xs.

Without wasting anytime, let's check out this new iPhone 


As usual Apple offers a variety of different colors on its cheaper devices. They have continued with the same trend with their new iPhone XR. IPhone XR comes in the following colors; red, black, blue, white, yellow and coral. The yellow color looks amazing on XR. IPhone Xs and Xs Max come in just 3 colors

If you look at the back of iPhone XR you may think it's iPhone 8 but it is not. The big difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone XR is that iPhone XR just had one camera lens. The camera lens is slightly raised. You may wonder what will a single camera lens do on an iPhone? We will talk about the camera later. The edges on Apple's iPhone XR has an aluminum frame which make it feel high end. IPhone XR supports wireless charging. The backs of iPhone 8 and iPhone XR as almost identical.

The design on iPhone XR resembles that of iPhone X but there are some noticeable differences. On iPhone XR there are no chunky bezels on the screen or around the home button. It doesn't have touch ID. IPhone XR has thicker edges around the screen and this is what is making the phone feel cheap. IPhone XR has thinner bezels than those on iPhone 8. IPhone XR has a 6.1 inch display screen. Iphone Xs has 5.8 inch screen while iPhone 8 Plus has a 6.5 inch screen. The size of iPhone XR is comfortable to hold.

The screen technology on iPhone XR is quite different. Its the key difference between this phone and the other iPhone devices. IPhone XR has an LCD screen. Its being named the Liquid Retina HD display by Apple it has a pixel resolution of 1,792 x 828. This makes the display sharp. The brightness of the screen can adjust according to your surroundings. The colors in this phone are well saturated and it has deep black levels. IPhone XR is water resistant. It can be submerged for 30mins. That's quite good. The phone will survive when you are outdoors and it is raining or if the phone falls in a puddle of water.


All the new phones from Apple are powered by a powerful A12 Bionic Processor. Iphone XR has a next generation Neutral Engine which has 8 cores. The chip on this phone can perform 5 trillion operations per second. This shows how impressive this phone is. It will handle any tasks thrown at it.

Playing games on this phone is a whole new experience. The graphics are impressive. There is no lag in gameplay and everything is on point. The performance is smooth without any glitches or any bad performance.

Since there is no home button you will have to use gestures to navigate through the operating system. Gestures were first introduced on iPhone X. The gestures are one of the best. You won't face any performance issues when switching between different apps or with opening different apps. You will find IOS 12 on this device. When it comes to the battery life Apple claimed that the battery on IPhone XR can last around one and a half hours more than that on iPhone 8 Plus. This basically means expect a full day use.


IPhone XR comes with a 12 megapixel camera and an aperture of f/1.8. This is the same camera in IPhone Xs. It also comes with an OIS (optical Image stabilization). There is new sensor on this phone which will help in producing better photos. It also has two in interesting features. It has the smart HDR and the Potrait Mode. Apple introduced Potrait Mode although it has. just one lens.

The camera isn't as great as that on IPhone Xs and Xs Max. Photos taken on iPhone XR look great and the blur effect on this phone is strong.

While using Potrait Mode you are able to change the  depth of field after you take the picture. This feature has been present on Android phones. There is no shutter lag on the camera. With Smart HDR you can take different pics at the same time. The A12 Bionic processor will help you select the best pic possible. Thus you don't have to worry about if there was an over exposure or under exposure in strong lighting. With this camera you can record stereo sound.

The front facing camera has a 7 megapixel with an aperture of f/2.2. The TrueDepth on this camera helps you take stunning pics. You will also find Animojis and Memojis on IOS 12.

The camera on this phone is more than efficient for most users. It works well and the photos that it captures are quite good. The general performance on this phone is impressive. You can't deny how powerful the A12 Bionic processor is.


The starting price of iPhone XR is at 750$. With just 750$ you will either get the 64G, 128GB or the 256GB phone model. You can pre order the phone from October 19. It's set to arrive on October 26.

IPhone XR is cheaper than the other new models. For people who want everything that Apple offers  you can get the new iPhone XR. it is cheap with all the best features that you would need in a smartphone. So by purchasing iPhone XR you are getting a stunning phone without paying 1,000$ for it.

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Whatsapp is the most used application throughout the world, maybe you will also use this application, but do you know about this application related tips tricks? We will learn about some tips and tricks related to WhatsApp that you should know about. With the help of Whatsapp Tips Tricks, mentioned in this article, you can become a ProWhatsaap user.

05+ Useful WhatsApp Tips Tricks:

There are many features available on WhatsApp, but users can not use them properly. We will know about some tricks related to some features of WhatsApp and some other applications, and yes you may already know about some of the Whatsapp Tip, but there are some tips and tricks you probably will not know about.

Download WhatsApp Status:

Many people upload WhatsApp status on WhatsApp every day but there is no option in downloading WhatsApp for anyone else's Whatsapp application but if you want to download anyone's Whatsapp status then follow the tips below

  • First, download the application Status Story Saver for Whatsapp Free
  • Once you go to Whatsapp, open any of the statuses you want to download.
  • After viewing the status, open the Status Story Saver for Whatsapp application and click on "Resorts Stories" option.
  • Now select the photo or video you want to download and click on the download icon

This way you can easily download anyone's WhatsApp Status easily.

Record WhatsApp Video Call:

Want to record several user videos calls You can use the screen recording application to record WhatsApp video call. In many smartphones there is a built-in screen recording application if your smartphone has not any screen recording application then you can download third party app you can download best screen recording application then Whatsapp can record video calls.

Custom Notification:

Custom Notification feature is available on WhatsApp, but few people use this feature and few people don't know about this feature. Whatsapp notifications always keep messages coming. Using this feature, you can set different notification sounds for each contact. If you use this feature, then you can recognize that whom sending you a message without opening Whatsapp.

Auto Download:

Many videos are shared on WhatsApp, many times many people send the same video. In such a way, if the auto download option is on, the internet data is spent more. If you want to save internet data, keep auto download off. To use this feature, select Settings for WhatsApp - Data and Storage Usage - when using mobile data option. Here you get the option of photos, videos, doc, etc. You can select here according to your own and click ok option.

Group Video Call:

Have you ever made a group video call? You can easily group video calls on WhatsApp and enjoy video calls with your relatives or friends. To make a video call on WhatsApp, you must first make a video call to a person, after which there is a choice of + on the right side, by clicking on it to add another contact to a video call. This way you can easily group video You can call. At one time you can talk 4 people together.

Use Multiple Whatsapp In One Phone:

Many smartphones have the feature of using more than one WhatsApp application, but many smartphones do not have this feature. If this feature is not available in your smartphone, then no matter because you can easily use multiple WhatsApp on a phone with the help of parallel space applications.

Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two-face

Hide Whatsapp Chats:

In Whatsapp, we talk to a lot of people, some of which are things we do not want anyone else to see, as well as smartphones have to be shared with many people so you can hide your chat. Select the contact to hide any chats and click on the archive chat option next to three dots, the chat you selected will be highlighted.

Scroll through all the chats to unhide and an option will appear at the bottom, archive chat, here you will see the contacts that you have selected, select the contact which you want to sketch, and click the archive chat option next to three dots.

We know about 05+ Whatsapp Tips Tricks in this article, if you liked this article "05+ Useful WhatsApp Tips Tricks", then share your friends with Whatsapp on WhatsApp.
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In May 2018, Samsung announced the Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6. Now from the Samsung India website, the new Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 + are shown, two new mid-range phones that introduce the popular 'infinite screen'. It is the jump off the most basic range of Samsung to incorporate the new panels with a format equivalent to 18: 9, which reduces the upper and lower edges.

The presentation is estimated for September 25, but from the website, we can already know some of its features. Two phones that have many numbers of ending up reaching other markets, since the current J4 and J6 are sold in Spain.

Samsung shows the main features of the Galaxy J4 + and J6 +:

Both the Galaxy J4 + and the J6 + will mount a panel 18: 9 under the branding of 'Infinite Display'. A name that Samsung uses from its most cutting-edge terminals such as the Galaxy S9 to these new members of the Galaxy J. family.

Another element that reaches this family is the fingerprint reader, which for the first time will be located on the side. A strange location but one that shows how Samsung is still not clear on the ideal position for this one. The South Korean manufacturer has mobiles with the reader on the front, in the back and from now also on the right side. For the images would be located at the top, where we usually find the start button and the volume.

In the photographic section, we would have a double camera, although perhaps only in the superior model. The incorporation of the Emotify, an alternative to their own Emoji ARs, is striking.

In this case, we would have 3D emojis that recreate our appearance but we understand that they will not have as much precision as the Emoji ARs seen in the flagships.

We remain pending at the end of September to know the rest of the details of this new basic Samsung range. Above all remains to know elements such as the processor, RAM or battery, features that as we see do not seem to have much relevance to Samsung when it comes to promoting their new phones.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the mobile that the South Korean manufacturer will present early next year. And as you can anticipate by the name, is the device that coincides with the tenth anniversary of the birth of the Galaxy range. That's why we expect significant improvements for this Galaxy S10.

In recent years, Samsung has been quite conservative. The design of its flagship has hardly changed and with the Galaxy S9, many thought that they should have risked something else. It seems that they will not repeat this strategy for next year. And is that even one might think that they have been keeping aces up their sleeve by then.

What is expected for the Samsung Galaxy S10? It is still early to say it accurately. Several images and renderings have been leaked, but none of them has enough credibility to indicate something clear to us. Yes, the information that the Galaxy S10 would have a fingerprint reader integrated in the screen and triple back camera seems to be on the right track.

A different Galaxy S10 to commemorate the 10th anniversary:

DJ Koh, CEO of the mobile division of Samsung, confirmed during a conference with Chinese media that the future Galaxy S10 will not be an incremental renewal as it happened with the Galaxy S9.

The changes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be 'very significant' according to his words. Something that we expected all but now is confirmed directly through the highest representative of the company.

"" The CEO of Samsung Mobile confirms what we all expect: new design, more colors, and innovative technologies. Although it is not expected to be curved ""

The Galaxy S10 would have a design with a very high screen ratio, surely beating rate records. The fingerprint reader would be integrated into the screen and the frames would be really small. It is still unknown if you will bet on a small 'notch' or what kind of solution Samsung will use to hide the front camera.

It will come in several versions and it is expected that at least one of them will have a triple camera. A system that we saw in the Huawei P20 Pro and that Samsung's flagship would be used for wide-angle.

Regarding the colors, Samsung would introduce new tonalities. There are rumors about the appearance of a green color like the one that had the Galaxy S6 Edge but surely refers to new gradients.
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OnePlus has once again prepared itself to do something different and exciting for mobile enthusiasts around the world. The company's next and new venture, OnePlus 6T, is setting fire to the Internet world before its official launch. With rumors and leakage rising, it is clear that after the launch of all the flash ships smartphones before the end of 2018, the demand for the new oneplus flagship smartphone can be more than the rest.

We have told you many times about some rumors and leaks related to the features of the new OnePlus 6T in many articles. Today we have much more fun news for our readers. Please note that these are not real rumors about the upcoming OnePlus 6T, but the real facts. We will start with new facts first and eventually include important leaks and rumors.

Large battery for long-lasting battery life:

It has been clarified that a big battery has been given to keep the new OnePlus Flagship smartphone better and longer. Although the company has not said anything about the upcoming battery life of the flagship smartphone, it will be a bigger cell. Which will provide longer battery life with more use.

New Type-C OnePlus Bullet Earphones:

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Headphones This is the most discussed smartphone accessories for audio files this year. With OnePlus 6T, the company is going to give another surprise. Bullet earphones with oneplus 6 T will also be included. Which will come with Type-C Jack Let's say, OnePlus 6T will use Type-C ports to give users a harmless audio experience The brand has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack to improve the handset's audio experience and overall battery life. Extra space saved by removing the audio jack has enabled oneplus engineers to add a powerful battery unit.

OnePlus - Google Exclusive Partnership:

Let's say, OnePlus and Google have made partnerships. Which is quite interesting. This big news was shared by Vanplus via tweet. In which it was written, "Think what do you have to break the code? Play # Crackables to find, starting September 18, OnePlus also introduced a video in which a spectacular animation and a potential game character were shown. We think Surprise can be a plus puzzle game that is specific to OnePlus 6T users. The video has asked viewers to crack the code to win the challenge at "

New In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology:

OnePlus 6T will revolutionize biometric sensing technology for end users. Incoming flagship smartphones will have an in-display fingerprint scanner in which the screen will be unlocked. Although OnePlus has not provided any concrete information on in-display scanning technology. We expect to be fast and safe to protect sensitive information saved on the device.

Better and Large Display:

The new OnePlus Flagship smartphone will provide an immersive multimedia experience in comparison to any other smartphone in their respective price points. Let me tell you, the company has used the complete bezel-less AMOLED display design for the new smartphone. There will be a very small knock in OnePlus 6T. Which will be similar to a drop in front-facing camera. The OnePlus 6T will give a full-fledged immersive viewing experience for gaming and video playback.

Faster Dash Charging:

OnePlus 6T will also use better dash charging technology. Dash charging by OnePlus is already the best. With the new OnePlus 6T, this feature will actually change the way we charge our smartphones. A big battery cell with a fast and improved dash charging will solve the problems of our long mobile.

Triple-lens rear camera setup:

OnePlus 6T can also change the way the photo is clicked. The rumors are spread that the company has set up a new method of the camera for OnePlus 6T. The new smartphone can come with two but not triple-lens rear camera setup. Triple-lens camera setup would be better to feel in depth and light to present photo quality of DSLR level.