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To become successful in writing is not a one day job, it takes time to learn how to express your thoughts (proper thoughts) correctly and to let others understand the gist and the purpose of your writing.

Stick to the basic principle of writing:

The fun post is good, however, the correct and fun post is twice better. What else is trying to avoid needless words in a post or an article? Moreover, do not resolve to the help of clichés in worlds and examples, but use your own. After all, try to reread the post and think, if it's interesting indeed. The same concerns the topic of the post; focus attention on the main question, issue or thing, it is not necessary to add something aside from the key message of your post.

Don’t make procrastination as your friend:

While writing, don’t let anything distract you, including watching TV show during the break, making snacks, looking for information on YouTube or another similar source. Turn off the TV, mobile phone, and gadgets; they are not helpers, but exogenous irritants, using which you postpone actual

Follow the passion:

Write what you are interested in or good at, otherwise, a post can be dreary. Anyhow, one can see how the post is written; is there any passion or aspiration. It is easy to find out if you are mad about this or that.

Personal opinion is important:

To add to it, express your thoughts and attitude freely, don't limit yourself with formal, "dry" style. Besides, you can use “personal inspiration” for writing, which can be anything: from a favorite pet to a wonderful sunrise outside of the window. Just remember, if you are not empty inside, the post will never be empty, single-typed or boring. Think of writing a post or an article as a way to connect readers, however, that will “one-way road”

Be distinguished!

 It is not necessary to add naked or harsh truth in a post, but to show real things trough interesting interpretation or to compare with something unusual. Should it be mentioned that any post must be written in original manner or style? The blogger or writer may come up with his on features, personal "thing" if you wish: like an original greeting or thematic quote in every post.

To be yourself is the best method: add your own individuality to the post, like you add spices to a meal to make it better. As an option, try to write, as if you talk with a person next to you; this will make an impression of lively conversation, which in its turn add a point to post and make it more noticeable in comparison with others.

Doubtless, to pull yourself together and to concentrate on something needs patience, time and muse, certainly. Following the tips above, you definitely succeed in blogging, so don’t postpone this and try your writing skills right now. Good luck!
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Eye-catching content does not mean being offensive to the eye. Sometimes when you say things such as “eye-catching” people think of it in terms of cereal boxes. But there is no need for bold and striking colors and graphics when you are working online.

You can be subtle and eye-catching, plus you can work on catching your reader’s interest instead of grabbing their attention in an overt way. After all, the user is already looking at the screen, so unless your font or graphics are in a very small font it is going to be hard to miss what you are trying to sell to them (ideology wise or service/product wise). Here are a few tips to help your content marketing strategy along with a little.

How To Increase Blog Traffic:

1 - Appeal To What Your Target Consumer Actually Wants

This is something that so many people forget because they are so caught up in techniques that they cannot see the wood for the trees. If you are trying to appeal to young boys then drape ladies over video game consoles. If you are trying to appeal to women then drape Brad pit over a motorbike wearing nothing but a honey sandwich.

Give people what they want and it will automatically become eye-catching. It is just up to you to figure out what they want and how to get them to look at your content in the first place. For example, there is little point in getting sexy pictures of Brad Pitt if your content is attracting middle-aged businessmen.

2 - Put Your Most Interesting Stuff At The Top Left Of The Page:

If you are looking for psychological placements, then here are a few to consider. If you have a product that you want people to favor over the others then put it near the top left. It does not have to come first in your list, but it does need to be near the top left--so either second across or second down.

People are happy to put up with affiliate adverts if they are in the top right-hand corner. People expect a search bar to be placed near the top right or left of a page. Put it elsewhere and people automatically assume it does not exist. A sitemap should not be on its own page--if you want one then put a well thought out one at the footer of your homepage.

3 - An Enticing Title Should Also Be Descriptive

There are some people who just write enticing titles which is okay, but they do not gain the custom of those people who are immune to such tricks. If you make your title descriptive too then more people will give you the benefit of the doubt and read your content or click on your title link. The people who do not click on your description title or description link are the ones who would have not enjoyed the web page content anyway.

4 - A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words

You can describe a lot of words but you can say even more with a picture. For example, you could spend paragraphs explaining how the little girl you saw on the train was brave, or you can show her standing her ground on a picture as her father raises a belt to her. Such an image will easily convey a more powerful message than your hundreds of words will, and there is a bigger chance that it will make a bigger impact on the reader.

5 - Make Your Text Look Easy To Read

Do this in the same way that this article is laid out. Make your paragraphs of a reasonable size and split them up if you have to. And add headers to your article so that people can quickly skim read them and then get down to the rest of your content if they fancy reading it.

6 - Keep It Fresh, Simple And Original:

In simple terms, this is all you need to be eye-catching. It is because the Internet is overpopulated, and as satellite and cable TV has taught us when a medium starts to fill up then it starts to fill up with crap. If you can produce content that is simple yet original, fresh without being weird then you will be like that TV station that is simply kept afloat because it has one good TV show on it that everybody loves. You can be that TV show if you just keep it simple, fresh and original.
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Online shopping is a practice of the most usual in recent times, which is why the stores and applications dedicated to it do not stop being born and offering us more and more facilities to obtain the products we want without leaving home, to simple click hit.

Precisely, find that product that we seek at the best price is usually one of the things that differentiate the normal sale from online sales. To achieve this, we have different options, be aware of the compilations that we publish in Engadget Mobile or websites like Purchase , or use dedicated applications to notify us when the prices of the products we search in the different online stores go down.

Best Applications To Get Internet Bargains On Android And IOS || Online Shopping In 2018

Price tracker:

The first application that we present is Price Tracker for Amazon, which as its name suggests, allows us to keep track of the products we find in Amazon. We can consult, save and receive alerts of the products that we want when there are price reductions.

Camel Camel:

Camel Camel is a service similar to the well-known Keepa with which we can track prices of specific products on Amazon and also see the variations they have suffered over time through graphics.


We leave Amazon aside and we move on to another of the most important online sales portals in recent years, AliExpress. With Aliprice we can select the products we want and queue them to track their price fluctuations, receiving alerts when they go down.


This application is not limited to specific stores but offers us the offers of several types of products (including restaurants) and in addition to alerting us of the offers, it shows us price comparisons among them so that we can locate the best price available on the internet .


Fluctuate also works as MySmartPrice, allowing us to track prices of several web pages, not just Amazon or AliExpress. We look for the product that interests us in the corresponding web and just by pasting the link in the app we can configure its tracking.


In addition to stores with physical products we could not leave out mobile applications, one of the things in which today more money we spend. With AppSales we can find offers in Android applications and also receive notices when there is an offer.


7 Best Applications To Get Internet Bargains On Android And IOS || Online Shopping In 2018

Finally, we have an application developed that also helps us track the prices of Amazon products. Through the search engine we can find any Amazon product and monitor it to locate price drops.
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WhatsApp has been transformed in recent years in an application with more features and functions than it was in its early stages when it was simply an app focused on text messages.

Today has been becoming a more complex app, and this means that we can be losing some of its new features if we are not up to date with the news that is incorporated. This list of seven collects some of those new features that you have already available for weeks and months.

Sending Several Contacts At The Same Time:

Until recently, WhatsApp only allowed to send a contact at once so the task of sharing several with a friend or family member could become quite tedious. From version 2.17.122 several contacts can be shared at the same time with the comfort that this mere action means. All you have to do is select the contacts you are going to share and click on send. Simple and easy

Easier To Add Bold, Italic, Strikethrough And Monospaced:

This is one of the functions that remains almost as secret or unknown to the vast majority of people who use WhatsApp daily. Until the last beta, you could use bold or italic through a series of symbols to add that type of text format. To make it easier, in one of the latest versions it is easier to add any of these text formatting options. Now, when we select text, the menu with the different options will appear.

Sending animated GIFs from Gboard:

Gboard is a great keyboard and has managed to stand up to the rest of the competition to have some pretty striking quality as Google search fully integrated into the application. One of the peculiarities of Gboard is the ability to send animated GIFs from the keyboard itself, although it was not until very recently when we were able to use that feature in the most downloaded chat app on the planet, WhatsApp.

The New States Against The Ancients:

The new states of WhatsApp have been one of the riskiest maneuvers by this chat app since we saw it emerge a few years ago. Changing the main screen to have a new tab for the states, has led to confusion for many users who only use their phones for calls and send messages through this messaging application. Luckily, WhatsApp recently added the option to modify the old status, if the new one does not convince you too much. A new way of understanding the states that have not received the same reception as the same function on Instagram, where it has hit hard.

Verification in 2 steps:

It was two months ago when the verification in two steps was activated for all users. Like many of the existing security measures on our phones, it serves to make things more difficult for those who try to log in to our WhatsApp account from another mobile. One more measure to take to protect our account and keep it always safe. You will have to go to Account> Verification in two steps and generate an 8-digit PIN code that will be used through an email address that you will have to add.

Sending Up To 30 Hit Images:

If several contacts are already allowed to be sent at the same time, the number of images that can be sent in one step to a contact in WhatsApp was recently increased. The limit that was imposed was ten so that finally the number of images that you can send has been given free rein so that it is not so heavy to be selecting a string of ten every time you want to pass a few photos to a friend or family member.

Share A WhatsApp Number And Message With A Link:

This feature, present for a few months, will allow you to add in a web or profile the link so that anyone can send you a WhatsApp in a very simple way when you click on it.

Only the telephone number has to be modified (with 34 of Spain before, or that of another country) and the text in the following code:
If you only want the WhatsApp number, you have to delete all the text from the phone number.

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There are many apps available in Android and IOS to find work available in the app stores. Well, most of them have automatic resume generators, but these only work within their own application, so in most cases, we can not export it and share it in other ways.

So, what happens if a company for whose offer we have applied for contacts us and asks for our CV but we do not have a computer on hand? Or if we simply do not have a computer? Well, for these cases there are also mobile applications, although some better than others, of course. We have tried a few and we tell you which ones can get you out of a hurry in the best way possible.

Curriculum Application:

This app, available for Android and iOS, is undoubtedly one of the best we have tested and is also completely free. It has a very basic operation through editable drawers and a single format to choose from, but with it, we can create a resume quickly and export it to PDF without a watermark.

Curriculum Builder:


This application is also free and has as a differentiating element from the one we have just seen that offers us several templates of editable résumés, with a more complete design. Of course, the free version only lets us export the PDF with a small watermark at the end of the document.



If you have a Linkedin account, this application is the perfect salvation in case of a hurry. And is that VisualCV, in addition to allowing us to create a resume and export it in PDF, gives us the opportunity to automatically dump all our data from the social network and convert them into an easily shareable document.

Resume Builder:

Resume Builder is a fairly basic application, with a single CV template available, but thanks to the system it has through categories, it allows us to have in a few minutes a resume ready to send.

Resume Maker:

Finally, we have Resume Maker, another application that thanks to its simple operation, with categories and even resume templates by professions, allows us to have a full resume in PDF in a few minutes and also without the annoying watermark.

Hope this article is helpful for you.
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Everyday, every hour, minutes, seconds, we are being tipped work one rumor or the other regarding to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 which is supposed to be unvieled in January next year "2019" and will be launched in ending February "Traditionally".

The next year's Galaxy S series will be a boon as it is the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series. Today, new leak cropped online which reads "Samsung will be ditching the iris scanner on the Galaxy S10".

Samsung would have rather INCLUDE 3D sensor and In-display fingerprint sensor along with the Iris scanner on the Galaxy S10, but no, they dished it out. Samsung introduced iris scanning only two years ago with the Galaxy Note 7.

According to a news report, Samsung is already developing parts for the Galaxy S10 lineup, but has no plans to include an iris scanning module. This may be because Samsung found a superior biometric authentication solution for its first 2019 flagship. The Galaxy S10 may get better 3D-sensing front cameras which could help improve Samsung’s Intelligent Scan.

Previously, the South Korean company was reported to be developing such a solution in partnership with Israeli startup Mantis Vision. The same source reaffirmed previous reports about the Galaxy S10 smartphones being in the works and featuring similar display sizes as their predecessors.
Trending: Samsung Galaxy S10 May Arrive With 5G Internet Speed Capability And LPDDR5 RAMs With UFS 3.0 Storage Chip
However, the Galaxy S10 is said to be 5.8 inches, while the Galaxy S10 Plus is said to be 6.3 inches, and the codename of the device will be “Beyond”. The company is said to have already started asking its suppliers to prepare component that would allow it to start mass-producing its Galaxy S10 in late 2018.
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Samsung is a manufacturer that knows what its strengths are. With the Galaxy A8 + we already saw how his 'infinite' screen SuperAMOLED was the main protagonist and with his little brother, the Galaxy A6 Plus, something similar happens. We are facing a premium mid-range mobile phone with a double rear camera, an aluminum body and six inches that, thanks to the elongated format, remain in a fairly manageable size.

We have been testing the new smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer during the last two weeks and here we bring you our analysis of the Samsung Galaxy A6 +. Let's see what are the arguments of this mobile to compete in a segment where the competition always stomps.

Samsung Galaxy A6 +, Technical Specifications:

SCREEN................6 "SuperAMOLED FHD + 2220 x 1080 pixels, 18.5: 9, AlwaysOn Display

PROCESSOR................Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, Octa-core at 1.8GHz, Adreno 506 GPU

RAM................3 GB

STORAGE................32 GB + microSD (up to 256GB)

BATTERY................3,500 mAh

REAR CAMERA................Main: 16MP, f / 1.7, PDAF, flashLED, Secondary: 5MP, f / 1.9, Video                                                                                 1080p / 30fps

FRONTAL CAMERA................24MP, f / 1.9, flashLED

SOFTWARE................Android 8.0 Oreo, Samsung Experience 9.0

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT................160.2 x 75.7 x 7.9 mm, 191 g

OTHERS................Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, BT 4.2, radio FM, micro USB, 3.5mm jack, GPS,                                                                        Glonass, Beidou, NFC

A Solid Metallic Design With Some Misplaced Elements:

In our first impressions, we already discussed the key points of this Galaxy A6 +. We have a unibody metal body that transmits robustness and solidity. Samsung forgets the glass to offer us a more classic smartphone but that almost always gives good results. In this case, it is not an exception and in hand, it is pleasant, little slippery and with a well-distributed weight that helps to hide its 191 grams.

We have a six-inch screen with format 18.5: 9. And to practice, the front of the device is quite similar to the rest of mid-range phones of this size. The screen ratio is at 75.3%, a percentage that does not reach the high range but does give us a compact size.

The bottom edge is completely smooth and although we have buttons integrated into the screen, these can be hidden by software. On the upper edge, we find the camera, the LED flash, and the proximity sensor, in addition to the central headset. There is no sign of the Samsung logo on the front and if it were not for the screen 'Always on Display' it would be difficult to differentiate it with the naked eye of other models.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 + is a six-inch terminal with unibody aluminum body. In hand it feels balanced, it is not slippery and thanks to its slightly curved edges it offers a stylized and comfortable design to hold.

In the comparison table, we see that the Galaxy A6 + has a weight identical to that of its more powerful brother, the Galaxy A8 +. In size, they are practically the same, although in this case, we gain in thinness. If we compare it with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, it is when we realize that the work of Samsung compaction itself could be better. And with respect to the Moto G6 Plus, another mobile against which it fights directly, we see that it is considerably heavier due to its commitment to aluminum (and more battery).

SCREEN AND RATIO6" FHD+ 18.5:9 (75.3%)5,99 FHD+ (77,4%)5,9" FHD+ (74,4%)6" FHD+ 18.5:9 (75.5%)5,9" FHD+ (76.5%)
DIMENSIONES160.2 x 75.7 x 7.9 mm158.6 x 75.4 x 8.1 mm160 x 75.5 x 8 mm159.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm156.2 x 75.2 x 7.5 mm
WEIGHT191 g181 g167 g191 g164 g
BATTERY3.500 mAh3.500 mAh3.500 mAh3.500 mAh3.500 mAh

The Galaxy A6 + has rounded edges and tips. There is also no element that protrudes from the body of the device since even the camera is well integrated. With this is achieved that placed on the table does not dance or slip, something that is appreciated.

However, when we look at the Galaxy A6 + through the back we have a strange feeling. There are some elements that clash a bit. We start, for example, with the antenna lines. We have one up and one down in a 'U' shape. Then there is the 'Duos' logo, almost more striking than Samsung's own. The LED flash is located to the right of the rear camera. Outside a black area that includes the double camera located vertically and the fingerprint reader.

About the fingerprint reader, a comment that it has the same problems that we have seen in other Samsung terminals. The accuracy is good, but the area is very small and we will normally fail when placing the finger. In addition, being in the same area as the camera and in a very high position on numerous occasions we will end up pressing on the lens. If we look at the bottom part, we will find the micro USB port in the center and the 3.5mm jack port and the noise cancellation microphone on the right side.

It is very noticeable not to find the speaker at the bottom. It is another of those elements with a somewhat peculiar placement. In the Galaxy A6 + the speaker is placed on the right side, at the height of the camera and where we usually have the volume buttons. Below this, we do have the on / off button.

The fingerprint reader is too close to the rear camera and the speaker on one side. Decisions that we did not finish seeing but that do not tarnish a well constructed and solid design in hand.

If we go to the left side is where we find the two volume buttons. And on this same side we have a slot to add the main nanoSIM and a second slot with the possibility of incorporating a second SIM plus the microSD. It is not a hybrid system as is usual, but a true dual mobile SIM to which we can also add microSD card.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 + is a mid-range mobile phone with a good design, more than correct sensations and careful finishes. The back part traps lightly the tracks and some elements like the fingerprint reader or the speaker do not finish convincing us, in spite of this, it is one of those well-balanced aluminum mobiles that it is not hard to get used to.

A SuperAMOLED Screen From Which Samsung Can Boast:

In recent years Samsung has been characterized by incorporating very good panels in their devices. Fortunately, the Galaxy A6 + is no exception. We found a Super AMOLED six-inch panel with FullHD + resolution and an 18.5: 9 format. This screen of 2220 x 1080 pixels offers us a good sharpness and a level of brightness more than correct.

It is not usual to find AMOLED screens in the mid-range as they traditionally all opt for IPS panels. Samsung keeps the bet and gives us an AMOLED screen where we do notice a slight predominance of greenish tones. On the contrary, we do not have saturation as high as in other screens of the same technology.

The colors are quite natural and we think that the Adaptive Display mode does a good job. We lose slightly in contrast and the blacks are not as deep as those of the high-end OLEDs, but even so, this Galaxy A6 + can boast of the screen in front of its competition. A well calibrated AMOLED panel and although it does not have such a high contrast, it is still a great option compared to most IPS panels that do not have as much power in the colors.

Through the software, we can set the automatic brightness, apply blue light filters, change the font size and apply various image modes that range from the basic, AMOLED photo, AMOLED cinema, adaptive display and a mode in which we can choose directly if we want to enhance the red, blue or green tones. Our favorite is the one that comes from the base since it has seemed the most natural. The viewing angles of the screen are correct and the tactile response is also good.

But if there is a benefit of the AMOLED screens it is your work with the blacks. In addition to the low consumption if we place dark backgrounds we have the 'Always On Display' function. Here Samsung will show us information about the time, date, notifications or battery percentage. You can see them with the naked eye, the sharpness is good, the consumption is minimal and the truth is that once you get used to it you miss it. Another detail of the Galaxy A6 + that will help you differentiate yourself from many terminals.