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Earlier, Xiaomi launched its first gaming smartphone in China which seems to be the second gaming smartphone ever amongst all the phone producing companies. And now, it has a successor right on the way.

Just a month back, the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 HIT TENAA which indicates that the device may touch the horizon too soon. Earlier, we had got renders of the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 and thus, we do also got the global website for the same. Now we've sighted the hands-on video showing the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2.

According to the video, the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 looks similar to Razer Phone 2 Chroma LED with a Black Shark logo on the back of the device which comes with LED installed that glows not just on the back even on the sides of the device. Hence the LED lights makes the device look more unique.

The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 comes with vertically aligned Dual rear cameras along with Dual Tone LED flash and fingerprint sensor below it. Sadly, the video doesn’t show the front view of the device. Anyways, the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 will sport 18:9 aspect ratio display and will ship with SD845 SoC with 6GB/8GB RAM.
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Google Pixel 3 And Google Pixel 3 XL: 5 Features We Love, 5 Features We Don’t

Google's much anticipated launch is finally here. Google decided to launch to of their latest gadgets. There have been numerous leaks about these devices. Google Pixel 2 performed really well.

With these new phones there are somethings that we like about the phone and then there are several things that we don't like about the new phones. Below you will find everything that i love about these two devices and everything that i have about these two phones.


Fast wireless charging

Google Pixel 2 didn't support any wireless charging. On Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL it supports wireless charging. Google decided to use its own charging pad which is called the pixel stand. Google said that for just 15 minutes of charging you can get 7 hours of use.

Once you place your Pixel 3 device on the Pixel Stand you will access Google Assistant. You will also see some shortcuts on the screen. Every morning the screen of your Google Pixel 3 will brighten up so as to wake you up.

When the phones is on the Pixel Stand it can display all your photos in a slideshow. If you are listening to music it will display its cover art. Both these two phones have a front facing speaker. It is being said that the speakers on these two phones are 40% louder than that on Google Pixel 2. The sound on these phones is louder and richer. In addition to all these you get YouTube Music for free for a period of 6 months.

Smarter camera features

We were all impressed by the quality of pics captured by Google Pixel 2. It had an amazing front and back facing camera. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL also have an incredible camera system. There have been new features added to these devices.

There is a feature called Top Shot which will notify you when you take a bad pic. If you blink while taking a pic it will notify you about it. These feature helps in capturing tons of pics in HDR+. This will give different options when selecting the best. There is also a feature called Super res zoom. These features utilizes the Artificial Intelligence on this phone and helps in taking sharp pics when you zoom. In on any subject.

Most of us hate how the quality of photos taken is poor lighting is. I have some good news, Google Pixel 3 will introduce Night Sight which will help you in taking pics in low lit areas or in dimly lit areas. All these will happen without using the flash on these phone.

Google Pixel 3 has a wide angle camera on the front. This camera will help in taking really impressive group photos. Google says with this camera you can capture 184% more room in your pic. There is a feature called the Photobooth which automatically takes pics of you when you smile or change your facial expression.

On Google Pixel 3 there is a new feature called the Smart Compose which will automatically suggest to you words and phrases that you may use in your email. It makes writing of emails faster. There is Gboard which is inbuilt in this phone and it helps by recommending stickers and gifs that you can use whenever you are texting.

There is a feature called Digital Wellbeing which will inform you how much time you are spending on your phone. You can use this app to limit different apps. There is a Do Not Disturb feature with which you can turn off all notifications by simply turning the phone downwards.

Easily screen your calls

This feature is just awesome. We all love spam calls or calls from unknown numbers. With this new feature anytime someone calls you, you can press the "screen call" button and it will go ahead and answer the call for you. It will ask who is calling and why are they calling. The conversation during that call will be transcribed onto the screen and you will choose if you will pick up or not. This feature is currently available in U.S


The overdone notch

The Notch design was first seen on IPhone X and its popularity has really grown. Most manufacturers are adapting the use of notches. Google decided to have a notch on its new phones. The notch on this phone is quite huge and makes the phone less impressive. It was disappointing to find a notch on Google Pixel 3 XL.

Battery isn’t big enough

This is a big let down. Google Pixel 3 XL has a battery capacity of 3,430 mAh while Google pixel 3 has a battery capacity of 2,915 mAh. The battery on Google pixel 3 XL is smaller than that found on Google Pixel 2. The phone will last a full day of use due to the improved processor.

High price tag

The pricing for these two phones is no joke. Google Pixel 3 XL is selling at $900. When we compare Google Pixel 2 to Google pixel 3 and 3 XL, Google Pixel 2 is quite cheaper. If you want the 128GB model you will have to add an extra $100. The price tag is too steep. There is no FaceID on this phone. It would have been better off if the price tag on these two phones was similar to that on Google Pixel 2.

Dull design

Google hasn't changed the design on their new devices. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL look the same as Google Pixel 2. Pixel 3 has a mate finish and a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone. The major changes in the design is the notch on these two phones. Google has also used an all glass design and it's not slippery. Google has also used different color variants thus distinguishing it from its predecessor.

There is no headphone jack on these two phones. Google decided to use a USB-C Pixel headphones that you can always use when you want to listen to music.

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We have heard and seen so much rumors about Samsung Galaxy A7 and A9 — few weeks back, Samsung launched its Galaxy A7 which comes with a triple back cameras and now, Samsung has as well launched its Galaxy A9 which comes with a magnificent quadruple back cameras.

However, this is Samsung's new attempt to attract young users in developing markets to improve market share in the mid-range segment. Not just that but the alluring feature of this device is the 4-back camera system it offers which am a bit certain that no high-end device have dream to offer, talk more of the low/mid-range devices.

Looking in to the camera systems, they Galaxy A9's (2018) rear camera consists of a 24 megapixel f / 1.7 main camera, an ultra-wide 8-megapixel 8-megapixel camera with f / 2.4 focal length, a f / 2.4 megapixel 10 megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom and The final camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels f / 2.2 for depth measurements for the Live Focus feature.

The camera's application also features intelligent scene detection using AI to automatically adjust the shooting settings in the context of shooting the same high-end Galaxy Note 9 .

Apart from the 4 cameras on the back, the camera also has a 24MP front camera with f / 2.0. Hence, this makes it up to 5 cameras present in the Galaxy A9 "if to be calculated in total".

Now going in to the specifications, the Galaxy A9 (2018) has a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with Full-HD + resolution (1,080 x 2,220 px) and of course, no rabbit ears.

Hence, it is available in 2 versions with different RAMs: 6GB and 8GB, the internal memory is 128GB, with an external memory card slot and an eight-core Snapdragon 660 processor (four 2.2GHz cores and four 1.8GHz cores. currently pre-installed software version Android 8.0 Oreo. It has two SIM card supports LTE connectivity, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC and USB port using the Type C.

Talking about the battery capacity, this phone uses a 3800 mAh battery, near the Note 9 and has fast recharging support. The back of this machine comes with a fingerprint sensor. The material of the back is 3D bent glass and metal frame.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) will be available in early November with 3 color options: black, blue and pink. Considering the price range, we have no information about it for now but we will keep updating each and news regarding to this device. So all you have to do is to stay in-touch.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Image Gallery:

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Google Pixel 3 XL: An Amazing Phone With One Flaw 

Google Pixel 3 XL is an awesome smartphone, but it has one flaw, it has a notch.


The notch on this phone is really. Its not the same as the notch on phones like iPhone X or any other phone that has a notch. Google Pixel 3 XL has a really big notch. This phone has an impressive design which is attractive but the huge notch makes if flawed.


Google 3 XL has similar features to that of Google Pixel 3. Google Pixel 3 XL has a display screen of 6.3 inches which offers room for more pixels and a bigger battery. Google Pixel 3 XL has a really ugly notch. Google took it too far with this notch. It would have been better if the notch was used for a Face ID feature.   The back of this phone is made of glass but its not slippery since Google used a bottom glass mate.

Google Pixel 3 XL has an OLED screen and a picture resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 and it looks awesome  when in direct sunlight it's bright enough to see the screen with no issues. The colors have a deep black level. Even though the phone is huge it was comfortable to hold. It didn't feel bulky.

There is a chin on the front part of this phone which houses the front facing speakers. Google claims the front facing speakers are 40% louder than those on Google pixel 2. If you squeeze the phone it will trigger Google's helper. This feature was also found in Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 3 XL has no room for an headphone jack. Google has decided to include USB TYPE-C earphones in the box and has also included a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.


Google Pixel 3 XL is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor which is the latest. It is supported by 4GB of RAM. It also runs on Android Pie 9.0. Multitasking on this phone is quite easy. There is no responsive issues. It works just fine.

This phone supports gesture navigation system thus you cannot use the traditional navigation system. The gesture navigation system on iPhone XS was much better than the one on Google Pixel 3 XL.

Google Pixel 3 XL has some features that are exclusively found on Google Pixel 3 XL. You can enable "Shh" mode when you place the screen of the phone facing downwards. It will silence all notifications. There is also a Compose feature which generates texts that you may want to send in an email or when messaging.

Since Google is the one managing the Android system the device will always be updated on time. It will receive fast Security updates and Fast android charges. Different manufacturers like OnePlus and HMD Global claim their devices get fast updates but they aren't as fast as those on any Pixel Series.

Google Pixel 3 XL has a 3,430mAh battery which is quite smaller than that on Google Pixel 2. Most people were expecting a bigger battery capacity. Its very unlikely that this phone will finish a full day of use. The phone supports wireless charging. You can buy the wireless charging stand separately.

Also on this phone there is no room for a MicroSD card slot. Google Pixel 3 XL comes in two models. There is a 64GB model and a 128GB model. There is free photo storage for Google photos. The quality of the pics won't reduce.


At the back you will find a single lens camera. It has a 12 megapixel lens and an aperture of f/1.8. The shutter speed is fast thus no lagging. In the Pixel 3 XL you will finds Google's HDR+ technology.
This technology takes many photos at once and saves the best. There is a new feature called Top Shot Which will alert you when you blink in a photo.

There is a Super Res Zoom feature which when you zoom it reduces the noise in photos. Google Pixel 3 XL doesn't have an optical zoom. When you zoom in and capture pics it won't be as great as those pics zoomed in in phones which have an optical 2x zoom. All in all the camera is still impressive.

On Google Pixel 3 XL there are two front facing cameras. These cameras have an 8 Megapixel camera and the main camera has an aperture of f/1.8 which the secondary lens has an aperture of f/2.2. For group selfies you can use a wide angle lens. Switching between the two phones is fast and smooth. Potrait mode is awesome on both cameras.

On this phone the Potrait mode looks really good. In both the front and back cameras it correctly identifies edges of different subjects and applies a strong bokeh effect. The details come out as really sharp and someone might think these photos have been made by a DSLR Camera.


The price is quite high but not comparable to the new IPhones. Google Pixel 3 XL goes for just $899 and you can pre order the device. It will officially start selling as from October 18. The phone is being sold through Google stores.

The price is high but it's worth the amount that you will pay for. The notch is the only thing that i don't like about this phone. The camera department really did a good job on this phone. The screen on this phone really looks great, the speakers are loud enough and the performance is impressive.

If you will be able to tolerate the notch then it's fine if you decide to buy this phone.

The Google Pixel 3 XL starts at $899, and pre-orders are open now. It officially goes on sale starting October 18. The phone is being sold through Google and Verizon, but if you buy it from the Google Store, you can use it on any major carrier network in the U.S.

It’s a steep price for a phone, but we like almost everything we see — except for the notch. It looks like the camera is going to be yet another winner, the screen looks great, the speakers get loud, the software is uncluttered and bloatware-free, and performance is strong.

If you can stomach the notch, the Pixel 3 XL might be the best Android phone yet.
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Clash of the titans: Apple iPhone XS Max vs. Huawei P20 Pro

In 2018 iPhone decided to launched a trio of 3 iPhone phones. The best among the three phones is iPhone XS Max. All the three phones are notched. IPhone XS Max has the biggest display screen. No other iPhone has a screen as big as that on iPhone XS Max. IPhone XS Max has an amazing performance.

Android phone consumers have been demanding bigger and better phones thus phones are getting bigger and better. Today I'm comparing iPhone XS Max with Huawei P20 Pro.


If you've been keen you will notice that most android phones of 2018 use a Qualcomm processor. On this case Huawei P20 Pro decided to do things differently. Huawei relied on their new Kirin 970 processor which has a Neural Processor Unit.

Huawei P20 Pro has two models. One has 6GB of RAM and an internal storage of 128GB, while the other model has 8GB of RAM and an internal storage of 256GB. The NPU on this phone helps in making this device faster and speeding its artificial intelligence.

When it comes to iPhone XS Max it runs on their new bionic 12 processor. Inside you will find 4GB of RAM and so far this is the most powerful chip on any device. Reports claim iPhone XS Max is significantly faster and extremely powerful. Its faster than Huawei P20 Pro.

Huawei P20 Pro gains an advantage with its massive battery size. It has a 4.000mAh battery and it also supports fast charging. Sadly to say there is no wireless charging on this device. IPhone XS Max has wireless charging. It has a battery capacity of 3,174mAh and you will need to charge your phone daily. If you want fast charging you will need to buy the cables separately.

IPhone XS Max has a better performance thus wins this round.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS Max


With this new phone iPhone have created an awesome phone. IPhone XS Max has an edge to edge OLED screen. There is a notch at the top which houses the FaceID camera. This feature replaces  the fingerprint sensor. IPhone XS Max has a stainless frame made of steel. It also has a glass back and has dual lens. This phone is really attractive.

When it comes to P20 has a bottom bezel and also has a notch at the top of its really large screen. The back of Huawei P20 Pro changes color when it catches light making it more attractive. Without a doubt iPhone XS Max is a better looker.

Since these two phones are made of glass it's advisable to buy a case for your phone. IPhone XS Max can survive in slightly deeper water than Huawei P20 Pro.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS Max


As i said iPhone XS Max has the largest display screen in any iPhone model. It is 6.5 inches long diagonally. It has a picture resolution of 2,688 x 1,242 and has an AMOLED screen. On the other hand Huawei has an AMOLED screen with a picture resolution of 2,240 x 1,080 and has a display screen of 6.1. Its screen is smaller than that of iPhone XS Max.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS Max


Huawei has a triple lens camera which is incredible for photography. It has a 40 megapixel lens, a 20 megapixel monochrome lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens. It has a 3x optical zoom and has the best low light camera. It also has an artificial intelligence which helps in recognizing different scenarios and making appropriate changes. The camera is the best feature on Huawei P20 Pro. This phone has a 24 megapixel front facing camera.

IPhone decided to make some few tweaks on their new device. Their new processor helps in the camera department and it also has an enhanced camera sensor. It has smart HDR and there is bokeh mode. The average will love this camera. It is awesome in taking pics in Potrait mode.

When we compare the two phones Huawei P20 Pro has the best camera. It may have the best smartphone camera in the world.

Winner: Huawei P20 Pro


People with an Android phone will always argue Android is better than iOS.   When you get the Huawei P20 pro it will have EMUI which you will have to get used to it. Updates on Android devices have faced several issues. The updates take time to reach the devices since different manufacturers use their own user interface making the updates slower. Huawei P20 Pro  it has faced this issues

When it comes to iPhone XS Max the updates are done on time with no issues.  The updates fix some minor bugs and this is what makes it different from the Android thus wins this round.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS Max


Both this two phones have done an amazing job with these two phones. The face ID feature on iPhone XS Max is one of the most secure security features on any Android device. You can unlock Huawei P20 Pro with your face but it's not as secure as iPhone XS Max.

Winner: Tie


When Huawei was first unveiled it was retailing at around 900 euros. But you can now get it at around $750. IPhone XS Max when it was launched it was selling at $1,099. You can get it at all major retailers.


These are two phones have revolutionized the smartphone industry.  Android fans will really love Huawei P20 Pro and iOS lovers will love iPhone XS Max.

Both these phones have a lot to offer. Having any of these two phones is a win.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. OnePlus 6: Does more expensive mean better?

When Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released in 2018 it arguably had one of the best features to ever be seen on and Android device. It has a big, beautiful display that attracts anyone who comes across it, but it is not the only high end device that turn heads. Some months back OnePlus 6  was released by OnePlus and this device doesn't disappoint.

OnePlus 6 has some awesome specs that are really impressive. Some have compared OnePlus 6 to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the discussion is which is better than the other. The two phones are among the best phones of 2018. Today i will compare the two phones.


If you didn't know these two phones are differently priced. OnePlus 6 is cheap as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but these two phones have almost the same specs. Both OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have the latest and best processor. They are both equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and they both have 6GB or 8GB as RAM depending on which model that you will buy.

If you check closely you will notice a difference in power. When it comes to Samsung Note 9 it has one special features that makes it stand out. Note 9 has a water cooling system that helps cool the processor when it gets warm or hot, thus pushing it harder for better performance. Something else that is impressive is tbat it also has more storage capacity than that on OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 has three models. You can buy OnePlus 6 with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB or internal storage. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has two models. You can either buy a 128GB model or an enormous 512GB model. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a huge storage capacity. It also has a mircoSD slot for those who feel a need to increase their storage.

When it comes to its battery, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a really huge battery. Its battery is bigger than that of OnePlus 6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a battery capacity of 4,000mAh and it also supports wireless charging and also you can fast charge this device.

When it comes to the battery life on OnePlus 6 it comes with 3,300mAh and it also support fast charging but on this phone there is no wireless charging.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Something that differentiates expensive phones and cheap phones is the quality of its design. The design says a lot about any smartphone. Both these two phones look awesome but there are some few things that distinguish this two phones.

OnePlus 6 has an edge to edge display which is big and looks nice. Its the first phone from OnePlus to feature an edge to edge display. It has a 6.28 inch display screen. Like most phones which have an edge to edge display there is always a notch. The notch has a speaker and the front facing camera.

At the bottom there is a small chin. The back on this phone has a fingerprint sensor and a dual lens camera. When you check the bottom of this phone you will find a USB-C port and a headphone jack. OnePlus 6 has a basic sleek design.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 things are a little bit different. On this phone there is a small chin at the forehead. On the bottom of this phone you will find a USB-C port and also a headphone jack. It also has room for it's incredible S-Pen. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a display screen of 6.4 inches.

When we look at the durability of these two phones there is nothing great to talk about. These two phones are made of glass thus if it drops there is a high chance that it may break or crack. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is water resistant and can be submerged in water for upto 1.5 metres long and at a period of just 30mins. OnePlus 6 is also water resistant. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is more durable than OnePlus 6.


The display on most smartphones are getting better and better with each new release. The two phones don't have the same kind of display. OnePlus 6 comes with an AMOLED 6.28 inch display and has a picture resolution of 2,280 x 1,080 and 402 pixels per inch. It has a 19:9 display ratio which is longer than the aspect ratio of 18:9 which has been used in most phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an AMOLED display with a picture resolution of 2,960 x 1,440. It has 516 pixels per inch and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Samsung has a better resolution thus making it the clear winner on this department.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Both these phones have a dual lens camera but the difference is on the specs. OnePlus 6 has a 16 megapixel camera and a 20 megapixel which
has a f/1.7 aperture and also has optical image stabilization. The front facing camera on OnePlus 6 has a 16 megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a dual lens. It has two 12 megapixel cameras. It aperture varies there is an aperture of either f/1.5 or 2.4 and also has an optical image stabilization. Its Front camera has an 8 megapixel camera with an aperture of f/1.7.

As you can see OnePlus 6 has a greater number of megapixels but the megapixels alone on a phone Don't make the camera great. The camera software and variable aperture on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 make its camera more superior. Galaxy Note 9 has a better camera than that one OnePlus 6.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The two phones are amazing Android devices. OnePlus 6 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and it has some few tweaks that make the phone easy to use. These tweaks are optional you can choose not to use them.

On the other hand Galaxy Note 9 runs on Android 8.1 with their usual Samsung Experience skin. You can customize the phone to your liking. There are some pre installed apps that you may not need or like.

When it comes to update these two phones do disappoint. The updates are not that fast. OnePlus 6 has a better software than that on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Winner: OnePlus 6


OnePlus is well known for making affordable phones with high end features. There is a facial recognition software but its not that secure as that on iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the other hand some nice features. It has its S Pen that you can use it to take notes or draw. You can also use the Bluetooth as remote. You can use it by opening different apps like the camera. Note 9 has Bixby and also has Google Assistant. Google Assistant is better than Bixby.

Samsung has really cool special features that make it stand out.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


This is where you will note the main difference. OnePlus 6 is being sold at just $529 while Samsung is being sold at $999, it's almost twice the price of OnePlus 6. If you want extra features like better camera then Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best phone for you.


Without a doubt Samsung is the best phone. It has a better performance and an amazing camera. If you like premium devices then Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the phone for you. If you want to save some cash on a really awesome phone then consider buying the OnePlus 6.

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The news of Samsung's Galaxy S10 has gone viral, in fact, it's the trending news right now and thus, Samsung and its fans are so much excited about the upcoming flagship S series. Next year turns out to be a great year for Samsung as they celebrate their 10th anniversary, as it is now, we may notice a whole lot of changes in the device compared to the previous Galaxy S series we've seen according to DJ Koh.

The Galaxy range’s 10th-anniversary model will have slimmer bezels, an ’ultrasonic’ in-display reader, triple rear cameras, gradient colors and a 5G option. And now Samsung has accidentally leaked its next-generation chipset.

Credit for the spot goes to eagle-eyed XDA Developers’ writer Max Weinbach who discovered it buried deep in Samsung’s code for its upcoming Galaxy S9 Android Pie update, alongside references to the folding Galaxy F. And the wider consequences are significant.

What Weinbach found are Samsung references to an unreleased Qualcomm ‘Snapdragon 8150’ chipset. Until now this name was only a rumour, a reference to a major revamp of the Snapdragon 8xx line with entirely new branding and the introduction of Qualcomm’s first dedicated NPU (neural processing unit) which will deliver greatly enhanced machine learning.

The Snapdragon 8150 is crucial not only to Qualcomm and Samsung but to all flagship Android smartphones as Apple has used a dedicated NPU since last year’s A11 Bionic and smoked Qualcomm chipsets ever since.

Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon is also designed to work with its X50 modem which is the company’s first 5G-compatible consumer hardware. With iPhones restricted to 4G for the foreseeable future, this is another potential big win and adds credence to leaks regarding a 5G Galaxy S10.

Yes, this top of the range model won’t come cheap but it’s worth pointing out that you’ll be paying a lot more for Samsung’s other (limited edition) game-changer