It's so annoying when you noticed that your PPSSPP game is hanging when playing it with Android devices, this issue has made so many people to loose hope with the PPSSPP games, some find it as a bug in the PPSSPP application while some look at it as a bug in the game, some people also see it as the type of phone they use(it could be RAM or Storage problem).

By not wasting much of your time, let's proceed to the main point.

To stop your PPSSPP games from HANGING in your android device, all you need is FOLLOW the below steps:

First: If you have not gotten your PPSSPP EMULATOR on your Android Device, Download from the links below:
Download links:
PPSSPP Gold emulator(play store): 

PPSSPP emulator(play store): 

Goto your PPSSPP Settings

  1. Under Graphics:
  • Rendering mode⬇
Mode: Buffered Rendering
Stimulate Block Transfer Effect:Turn it on ✔ 

  •  Framerate Control⬇
Frame Skipping: Depending on the speed you want it to be but 2 or 1 is preferred
Auto frame Skipping: Turn it ON✔
Prevent FPS from exceeding 60(speeds up GoW): Turn it ON✔
Alternative Speed(in%,0=Unlimited): Turn it to 600(unlimited)

  • Performance⬇
Rendering resolution: Auto(1:1)
Display resolution(HW Scaler): Auto(Same as rendering resolution)
Mipmapping : Turn it ON✔
Hardware Transform: Turn it ON✔
Soft Skinning: Turn it ON
 Lazy texture caching(speed up): Turn it ON✔

  • Texture Scaling⬇
 Upscale level: Auto
Scale type: xBRZ

  • Texture filtering⬇
 Texture filtering: Auto
Screen scaling filter: Linear

  • Overlay information⬇
Show FPS Counter: Both

Note: Do not touch any of the settings that are not displayed here.

That's all for now, until we come your way with another package.


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  1. Nice bro can I play GTA with this settings?

    Commenting from Top 10 best bike racing games for Android

    1. Dear Henry, thanks for visiting and your comment, regarding to your comment the answer is YES(Sure), it works properly, though sometimes it doesn't work with the same settings so what you have to do is that need to long press on the exact game that you need to configure, it'll show you create game settings, click on the create game settings and configure the game.

  2. Helpful, I was playing GTA vice city on my Android phone and it hangs a lot, hope this tutorial will help me set it