About few weeks back, I wrote an article regarding to the top 5 Free mods to apply on any Android device without root which I included 3D Hologram Background as one of the application amongst the five listed apps. Sadly, you can only make use of your downloaded wallpapers or theme which can be applied inside the app. Perhaps, most of you must have come across the 3d hologram before while some will be coming across it the first time through this article. 3D hologram background is a unique app which brings multi-layered parallax themes that redefine the concept of the wallpaper to your home screen. This app is more than just live wallpaper - its a community of people sharing their amazing creations so you will never get bored.

Today, I'll be sharing with you how to create 3d hologram using Phogy which involves making use of your camera and capture live pictures. Thus, this application is just like 3d hologram but it gives you ability to be creative and be able to produce your own hologram without joining any community for help. Perhaps, this is the feature which makes it better than the 3d hologram app.

This application is not difficult to use, on the other hand it's only available for Android 6 users. However, you can still try it out in Android KitKat and Lollipop to see if it'll work for your device but to do that, you have to download it from a third-party link that is not Google play store because Google play store indicates if an app or game is compatible or not but with third-party link, you can download the app then install it in your device.

Anyways, Phogy is an innovating and a cool app that allows you to create alluring 3D background wallpapers which moves when the smartphone is moved using your phone's camera. Hence, the name Phogy is derived from photography (my thoughts).

How To Create 3D Movable Background Wallpaper Using Phogy
Firstly, Download and Install Phogy on your Android smartphone.

Launch Phogy either directly from the Google play store or through your app drawer

 Tap on the Camera icon then read the manual on how to use it. However, you can still skip it if you don't wish to read it.

Capture any image through your camera by clicking on the camera icon then move your device as the capturing time counts down or move to the extreme.

Now, Allow it to Analyze, Process and then save (this will take about 30 secs considering the quality of the image you're capturing).

You can preview the captured image directly after it finish processing or you can go back and tap on the Gallery.

For further settings on the app, simply tap on the Settings icon then you can set it to your own quality. However, you can have access to all the settings except if you're a pro user.

This app 'Phogy' is an amazing app an Android user must have, it's simple to use and works great, create your own 3d Movable background like 3d hologram using your camera or selfie. Hence, you're limited to make use of this app if you're not a pro (paid) user. The most unfortunate part of this app is that you cannot apply the edited Wallpaper if you didn't buy the premium version. However, you can get the premium version of the app directly inside the app by simply clicking on the Buy Pro icon inside the app.


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  1. Very cool, wonder if there is the same fir iPhone

    1. Sure, we will research on that and give you the feedback soon