Back then in some Android devices, there are some devices that doesn't come with file manager. I guess that some Android Smartphone still doesn't come with file manager till date, File Manager in any smartphone is one of the key system app that should be integrated in it.

However, some smartphone companies exclude this feature. I don't know how I can enjoy my smartphone without having a file manager in it, almost all the tasks performed inside my phone are gotten through file manager. Hence, with file manager you can access both your internal storage and SD Card.

File Manager gives it's user the ability to Share files (from bluetooth, Xender, Mail, LAN, WhatsApp, etc) Move files, Copy files, Rename files, Search files, Mark files, Sort files and also unviel the hidden files in your device. When I am referring to files, i mean documents, applications, folders, multimedia 'music, pictures, videos, records', etc.

So tell me, can you be able to do all the above mentioned features on your Android device without making use of your file manager. No right? And that's why I'm sharing MoveIt with you, The ultimate app to transfer both heavy and light files 'images, videos and audios from your device Storage to your SD Card and vice versa.

However, junk files can be cleaned up using MoveIt which increases your phone's speed and storage as well with the aid of the built-in cleaner which is installed in the app 'MoveIt'.

As the day passes by, MoveIt adds some trending features to keep it's users on track. New features like Sure Transfer which automatically transfers your file from your internal storage to SD card which makes it even more easier for the phone performance to improve.

Also, MoveIt adds another exciting features which allows its users to scan for hidden files which can be a junk files that drains their Storage. Hence with the aid of this app, you can fish all those hidden junky files out and get rid of them immediately to improve performance and also increase phone's storage.

Download MoveIt today and get your Android device back to track - thus, you can gain access to all the above features which your device have deprived you of. The only little sad story of this app is that its only for Android L users and above, am sorry if you're using Android KitKat and below, try to find some other app that can help and serve you well.

Hey Blizers, don't forget to download this app and let's move it all together ✌

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