Internet is an essential part of our lives. If you want to make a successful website for your business venture, you need to keep in mind and follow certain important points and factors.
Internet is a part and parcel our contemporary, modern lifestyles. The houses are flooded with gadgets and subscriptions to High Speed Internet Providers.

We need Internet every hour of every day active, either for one thing or another. Keeping excessive use of Internet in mind, if you are entertaining the idea of starting a new business venture, be sure that it won’t be possible to make it a success unless you have a well-crafted and well-designed website.

In terms of both content (being well-versed) and multimedia effects, along with the comprehensive information about your brand, products and services in a striking manner.

So much so, that if a customer has logged on to your website, he should not want to leave it and consider any other website of your competitors.

So, to aid you in making a well-organized and effective website, we have complied a list of significant factors and note-worthy features that clients look for, when they open up a web page for a certain service or product.

1.) As Bill Gates put it, ‘Content is King’
10 Must Do Things for Your Website
Content marketing is not a newly-introduced concept in the digital marketing industry. Relevant, original and high-quality content is gold, when it comes to digital marketing strategies, which is why the significance of content is coming to the limelight now.

No matter how catchy the multimedia effects are, on your website, the serious clients and customers are going to read thoroughly through every bit of information that you have written on your website.

Also, under the umbrella term of ‘content marketing’, comes all the possible ways of marketing that essentially involve content (whether written or spoken), for instance, social media posts, infographics, videos, surveys, blog posts, Email campaigns, podcasts, text campaigns, guest articles, so on and so forth.

So, if you want to reap big rewards, never ignore the content part of your site, even if it’s just a few lines. The content should essentially be unique and authentic, as well as entertaining and grasping. And by the way, Bill Gates actually wrote an article ‘Content is King’, back in 1996.

★ Content from SEO’s Perspective

Unique and authentic content has a lot to do with Search Engine Ranking and Search Engine Optimization. Firstly, if the websites and onsite blogs have the key works placed naturally and have internal links to the relevant content (and websites), the website is ranked progressively for the relevant keyword and search terms.

And this higher ranking consequently, opens way for the website to gain more exposure in the Digital Market and the digital consumers searching for them, that are being targeted.

Secondly, publishing good-quality and relevant content consistently, creates authority and makes way to create a bright backline profile and make it impressive for even SEO professionals and savvy marketers.

★ Good Content Encourages Engagement and Sales

Also, original and brilliant content is a great key to drive more traffic to the website, and keep the visitors on the website for a longer time. If a website has many articles on the onsite blog, that are full of relevant and engaging material for the consumers, instead of the main-stream and dull Homepage only, it is bound to leave an effective impression on the visitors.

Also, whether it is just a social media update or a blog post, good content lures the customers into going to the main website and engage with the brand.

Remember, if the content is genuinely effective and high-quality, even in a small social media post or blog, we assure you that the consumer will pause for a moment, spontaneously, to take a look but if it’s boring and dull, the consumer will just scroll down and the content will just go unseen and unnoticed in the cyberspace.

So, if you want to foster an engaging relationship with your customers, you need to give due importance to the content part of your website, and have a well-executed campaign for your content marketing.

2.) Relevant Imagery and Multimedia Effects/Tools 

Ever heard the aphorism, ‘a picture is worth a million words’? Well, take it as a factual piece of advice, when it comes to making an effective website. It is a general practice that we often skip the content reading part of a social media or blog post, especially if we are tired and drained after a long day.

But a good-quality and relevant image, catches our attention readily, and then we go through the details of it. So, this is an important hack to make your website more effective.

Inserting relevant videos, that give brief and comprehensive information about your products and services are also a great strategy to make your website a place to have long and frequent visits.

3.) Effective and Accessible Web Design

In the Online World, you only have a second to click and get someone’s attention. People are connected to their gadgets 24/7, and are always looking for interesting and engaging material.

Some professionals believe that web design is even more important than the content and they have debunked the famous myth of considering the content king. So, in the process of constructing an effective website, consider these factors:

Since your target are the modern consumers that have a great aesthetic sense, make sure the web design is neither dull nor boring.

Your website should have a clear, simple name, that vividly shows the category and products/services that you are offering, instead of a confusing and clever name, because that may become misleading.

The layouts should not be cluttered and messy, but clear and simple.
Too much text is not very catchy, so don’t make big blocks of text because customers lose interest while reading long, boring and extra-detailed prose boxes.

Also, very large or very small text fonts (even if you think that it is creating an emphasis) is entirely not a good idea. Use neutral font colors and subtle sizes to emphasize. So, make a catchy mix of essential and well-versed prose with attractive multi-media and imagery, in a perfect balance.

4.) Immediately Engaging the Audience 

While going through the website, the customers should be able to engage with the website easily. Provide easy-to-access Contact information on your website so that the customers can readily communicate their orders or queries about your services/products.

Also, the advanced methods of active interaction should be introduced in the website. For instance, active chat options and a 24/7 active Customer Care Service should be an essential part of it.

This makes your clientele feel more comfortable and familiar with your products and services, which in turn creates more chances of purchases and generating revenue, which is the sole and focal purpose of all this hard work.

5.) Responsive Website/Mobile Optimization

Remember that consumers of this modern day and age are connected high speed internet service providers, around the clock. Just the way they don’t like to bear with lagging, slow Internet speeds, similarly they don’t like websites that do not load promptly.

So, be certain that you have a responsive website, that is loaded in a blink of an eye. If it doesn’t happen, the impatient online consumers are going to leave your web page mid-way, and start browsing for another (and you do NOT want this). So, slow, lagging load-time is a big NO.

Another tip is to make your website Mobile optimized, which means that your website should be loaded on other devices and gadgets like smartphones and tablets with equal effect, as in the desktop version.

Because with an ever-increasing usage of smartphones and tablets, customers want to have all the essential details of your websites (and the same experience of desktop version) in their access.

6.) Create an Active Blog

It looks like a difficult task, but trust me, it is going to pay off more than you think. Creating an active blog requires some good, creative ideas and commitment to provide relevant material.

Setting up a particular, fixed time for a new blog post is significant. Google will only rank those websites higher, who have more unique and relevant content after Google’s careful scrutiny. So, have more relevant content, targeting the right audience and offering some value to gain higher website ranking.

7.) Adding Reviews and Testimonials

If you want to establish credibility for your newly established website, adding reviews and testimonials is a great idea. Make it a habitual practice to ask for good reviews and testimonials, from your satisfied clients and add them to your site.

The more the better. Having social media pages (like Facebook) can help you get a handful of nice reviews to flaunt on your website, every now and then. Video and picture reviews are an even better and effective idea.

8.) Keeping it Simple

Creating an easy and simple website, is the key recipe to creating a successful and smooth browsing experience. Make sure your website has no navigation problems and pages are easy to access.

Also, poorly managed search functions on your website, can lead to the failure of your website altogether, because consumers cannot search their related information/products/services. Learn about color coding techniques to make the text be easily absorbed on a nicely designed web page.

9.) Call to Action

Effectively establish the important Call-to-Action features on your website. Imagine that you have the attention of your prestigious customer for a full 10 seconds, what would you want him to do? Dial a number and call you? Or fill in a survey or something? Just be clear about it and design your website accordingly.

10.) Play safe and Invest Wisely

If you are investing to get your website build and designed by a professional agency, invest wisely in a design expert. A poorly designed website will have more bad effects in the long run, in your business than you can possibly think of. So, hire a professional and efficient web-designer.



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