So far the best phones that have been launched are the Samsung Galaxy S9, Plus and Note 9, OnePlus 6, Blackberry Key2, Nokia 6.1 and the Huawei P20 pro.

The Hottest Phones Of 2018 Are Still To Come. Here’s What’s Around The Corner

So far the best phones that have been launched are the Samsung Galaxy S9, Plus and Note 9, OnePlus 6, Blackberry Key2, Nokia 6.1 and the Huawei P20 pro.  There is still a lot of new devices that will be launched very soon. There are plenty of new phones that most smartphone enthusiasts are looking forward to.

Here is what to look for in the upcoming days 


Everytime iPhone is about to release a new phone, you will hear rumors left right and centre. The one thing that we are sure of is that the new iPhone will be unveiled on September in their annual event.

There will likely be two releases on that day. Rumors suggest that the new iPhones will have a similar design to iPhone X. They may come with a new name. It is rumored the device will be cheaper. I'm sure these two devices will be among the best phones of 2018.


In October we are Anticipating two new smartphones from Google. They will be launched soon after the IPhones giving iPhone a good competition. Pixel 2 XL was one of my favorite phones of 2017. I  expect Pixel 3 and 3 XL to having stunning features like its predecessors. I'm expecting the camera on this two devices to be spectacular like how it was on Google Pixil 2 XL. Both new devices may have a larger screen, a notch, slimmer bezels. Snapdragon 845 processor, wireless charging.


I am expecting LG V40 ThinQ to be released on October. The V in its name stands for Video. Thus I'm expecting something special when it comes to its camera. I'm sorry expecting LG to continue with the same ThinQ moniker. So far LG has had LG V35 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ. The new device will have the artificial intelligence like the rest of the devices.

I expect triple lens, a slim bezel, 845 snapdragon processor, OLED screen, notch design


Everyone was impressed by Huawei P20 Pro then I'm sure Mate 20 Pro will blow our mind away. My best guess is that the release will be October. There is a possibility we might see 3 Huawei phones; Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 and Mate 20 lite.

Huawei will probably have the same triple lens camera, less bezel their Kirin Chip, Mate 20 and Mate 20 Lite will be smaller and less powerful. I'm betting their cameras won't be that impressive.


HDM Global has really impressed everyone recently with their line up of smartphones. There is a chance they will release more smartphones this year. Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7 Plus so far have really lived up to their expectations. They have been a budget phone. Nokia 9 should be HDM's most impressive model this year.

Rumors suggest it will be a 6 inch OLED screen, 41 megapixel wide angle lens and a 20 Megapixel secondary lens, no bezel, android 9, it will have an in screen fingerprint scanner and a very big battery. Behind any rumor there is some truths. The release date maybe on September but there is a chance it may be released close to Christmas.


Sony Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Premium and XZ2 Compact have already been released this year. There is a slight chance that Sony might release XZ3 ata IFA later on.

I expect a snapdragon 845 processor just as it was in its predecessors and i also expect the camera and the battery will be better. I don't expect any big changes in the design or to see major software upgrades. Sony has always been releasing their phones every six months thus their new  release maybe soon.

91 Mobiles

After Lenovo acquired Motorola it has been releasing new phones at a really fast rate. There have been rumors that a new budget device maybe releasing soon. The new phone maybe the recently announced Motorola P30 which was announced for China only. Motorola P30 looks really like IPhone X. You might confuse the two devices.

Its specs on the new device maybe mid range and the pricing won't be too high. If you check the market there are already too much Motorola devices. We will hear more about the new device at IFA


This phone will be interesting for those users who are big on Gaming. The phone is a specialized gaming device. ROG stands for Republic of Gamers. The new device is set to hit the market at the end of the year. It will have a 845 snapdragon processor, internal storage of either 128GB or 512GB and a RAM of 8GB. It may have a 6 inch OLED and a stunning 4,000mAh battery. The device may also have a dual Lens camera and a refreshing rate of 90Hz. If you are a big gaming fun you won't have to wait for long. The phone maybe released soon so just hold on


This device is set to be released on November. The device will have a 3D effect holographic display that won't require you to use glasses. It will have a 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon inside. This device will be very expensive. The device will have a 'cinema grade' camera and a good battery life. Watch out for this phone. It will be landing in different stores as from November 2.

There will be more phones being released from all of the other brands but i believe the phones listed on this list will be hard to compete with. So far 2018 has seen a release of really amazing devices. The year is far from over so the race to the best smartphone of 2018 is still on. Watch out for different devices and be prepared to be amazed by these new phones.



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