Just of recent, Samsung launched their Galaxy A9. The news of the smartphone was trending all round the internet, in addition of the quadruple back camera it possesses which made it to be the best camera taken smartphone.

However, the Galaxy A7 comes with a Snapdragon 660 chip and now, the latest report said that Samsung is about to launch another smartphone and still use the Snapdragon chip but will be more advanced.

According to Phonearena, Samsung's upcoming smartphone will use the Snapdragon 710 chip. This means that the price of this smartphone will be higher than the Galaxy A9 (2018), and lower than other leading smartphones.

With Samsung's naming convention, the upcoming smartphone will be called Galaxy A10, which is also compatible with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 launch next year.

It is unclear what the design of the new smartphone will be, but more likely is still the traditional glass material aluminum, infinity screen and integrated high-quality camera system.

The source said that the Galaxy A10 will be available from January 2019, so the launch may be in December 2018, while waiting to see.


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