Earlier this year, we witnessed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at Mobile Would Congress (MWC) which was held in Barcelona, later on, it was the Galaxy Note 9 which was launched in August and thus - which became the trending news because of the Improved features in its S Pen.

And now, Samsung is about to open a public beta which grants all US, UK and Korean users to test the new Android update. However, a small number of professional users are now invited to the closed beta program and enjoy the privilege of "testing" the Android 9 pie before others. Hence, this was done to avoid system crash "app malfunction and other things". But of course, we know that there'll be crash, if not now, then in the future which will warrant Samsung to provide updates via patches.

Nevertheless, are you aware that eating Pizza alone most times is bored and that's why some enthusiastic fans want to share a little taste they are lucky to try for everyone. So the screenshots of the Samsung Experience interface on the new Android Pie have been unleashed on the network not long ago.

Today, a number of new images have emerged, and design experts at the Android Central website have used their Photoshop techniques to pin them to the actual Galaxy S9+ image, giving us a glimpse. Overview of this phone when it is added to the new interface.

As per my observation and as you can see, Samsung is gradually changing the look of the edge to the soft rounded corners, making everything look like a card, not just a layer on the screen. The Settings menu has also been redesigned for clearer division between setup groups.

Another noteworthy point is that Samsung will move the tabs within the "home" applications pre-installed on the device. The reason for this is that the screen over the last few years has been remarkably long, and will be much more useful if anything you interact with is at the bottom of the screen, close to the finger point or placed.

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