2019 looks to be a promising year. 2018 was a huge year for smartwatches. For the first time in over two years Qualcomm launched their first wearable device.

3 Things To Look Forward To With Smartwatches In 2019

2019 looks to be a promising year. 2018 was a huge year for smartwatches. For the first time in over two years Qualcomm launched their first wearable device. Fitbit released one of the best smartphones in the market. Apple also had an awesome smartwatch which did well in 2018.

In 2019 the smartwatch universe seems to be really promising. Here are some of the things that we expect from smartwatches in 2019. Here are some of my predictions for smartwatches for 2019.

Qualcomm's Wear 3100 chip

In 2018 Qualcomm released Snapdragon  Wear 3100 processor which can be used for smartpwatches. The chip hasn't been that impressive. It has been used in only two Wear OS watches. This chip was used in Montblanc Summit 2 and in Fossil Sport. Other websites have stated that the battery performance on these smartwatches is poor. It doesn't live up to the hype. 

I don't think Summit 2 and Fossil Sport have been well optimized for this chip. Future software improvements can help with this. They can solve this small issue.  In 2019 it will be the year Qualcomm fully delivers and the software updates will be effective. That will surely result in a better experience for smartphone users. 

What's next for Fitbit

Fitbit had an awesome 2018. Most of the other manufacturers were wondering what to do with the new processor. Fitbit had earlier on developed a pretty awesome device called the Ionic smartwatch and now they launched Fitbit Versa which delivered one of the best experience. 

In 2019 I'm not sure what Fitbit will deliver. I guess there will be a successor for the Ionic smartwatch. This device was launched in October of 2017. This year Fitbit can release a new device and give it a refreshing look. They can input some new cool features so as to be able to compete with Apple Watch. 

Ionic is the flagship watch for Fitbit. Versa is also a good smartwatch which is a budget smartwatch. Fitbit should just launch Ionic 2. Updates on this smartwatch is set to improve the user experience and add some health features. 

Maybe Google will release the long-awaited Pixel Watch?

Everyone has been waiting for Google to release a Pixel Watch. The first pixel phone was released in 2016. We have been waiting for a wearable device from Google. We all thought that 2018 was the year Google was to release a Pixel Watch but that didn't happen. Google said that it was focused on helping others with their own smartwatches. 

New rumors suggest that 2019 is the year when Google releases a Pixel Watch. Reports at one point claimed that the Pixel Watch was to be released at the same time as the Pixel 3 watch but that didn't happen. I have high hopes that 2019 will be the year when we get a Pixel Watch. 

Those are my few predictions for smartwatches for 2019.


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