We cannot carelessly misuse our phones when they have so much importance to us. Every person is in one way or another dependant on their phone.

Things Not To Do With Your Smartphone And How To Boost Your Phone 

Smartphones have revolutionized how we live. We depend on our mobile devices for a lot of things. Some use their phones as diaries, others use their phones to capture images ans others use their phone to read novels. The opportunities presented by smartphones are endless.

We cannot carelessly misuse our phones  when they have so much importance to us. Every person is in one way or another dependant on their phone.

Below you will find things that we shouldn't do with our phones.

1. Using fake chargers

Every phone charger is different from the next. Chargers are made differently. Use an original charger to charge your phone. It's advisable to always use the original charger that came with your phone. Other chargers may damage your phone's battery.

2. Not backing up

The biggest mistake that you can do with your phone is to not back it up. It's wise if you back up your phone regularly. People usually see the importance of backing up their phones when they lose their data. Always back up your images, documents, videos and contacts.

3. Overcharging it

Most of us like leaving our phones to
charge overnight. This is not a good thing. By leaving your phone to charge the whole night you are basically damaging your battery. Most phones need less than 4 hours to fully charge.

4. Free wifi

We all have a habit of liking free things. Its hard to resist something given to you for free. Avoid using free Wi-Fi or Public Wi-Fi. If you have to use any free Wi-Fi atleast have a VPN to protect your phone.

5. Not cleaning it

You should regularly clean your phone. Take care of your smartphone device. Clean off any fingerprint smudges and make your phone look nice.

How To Boost Your Android Phone

We all love a phone that is fast. Performance is key in any smartphone. If your phone is slow here are somethings that you should do.

Check for updates.

It's wise to check for any software updates. Software updates usually come with fixes and generally improves your phone's performance. Regularly check if there are any new software updates.

Clean up your home screen

Live wallpapers aren't good for your smartphone. You can opt to use a static wallpaper than a live wallpaper. Also clear any unused icons on your home screen.

Uninstall and disable unused apps

Uninstall apps that you never use. These different apps drain your RAM causing the performance of your phone to be slow. Clear apps that you do not use or disable some apps.

Turn off or reduce animations

By reducing the transition and animation speed you can make your phone load faster. Go to settings, severally click on developers option and then head over to Transition animation scale and to the Animator duration scale. Set it to just 0.5x or turn it off. By doing this you will make your phone faster.

Clear cached app data

It you clear data for apps you can
actually make your phone faster. Clearing cached app data is a simple way of boosting the speed of your phone and making the performance faster.

Turn off or reduce auto-sync

You can turn off auto sync feature on your phone. Auto sync usually takes place in the background thus causing your phone to be slow. Sync hinders the performance on anytime. It takes a lot of your phones resources and also there  battery life.

Try a third-party launcher

If you want to change how your phone feels you can download a launcher. If you visit Google PlayStore you will find countless launchers. Launchers change how your phone looks like and the navigation. Launchers such as CM launcher and Apex are examples of good launchers.

Perform a factory reset

This should be the last step. Factory reset means wiping your phone clean off any data. If you factory reset your phone it will return to its original condition like how it was when new. Before you factory reset you can back up your data. So as to factory reset your phone go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.



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