is here to provide you with necessary informations regarding to technology, especially about phones and other related articles but there are somethings we must not accept from you 'readers/visitors'.

Hence, that is the main aim of this page, to instruct you on what you must not do in this blog and if you violate any of the rules, it means that you have to bear the consequences yourself.

However, some of the rules will be listed below and please we urge you not to violate any of the rules.

★ On no account should a visitor reply another visitors comment with bad words or insult 'please behave yourself'

★ We do not encourage any form of backlinking through the comment (Spam). Most of the blogs/websites do have broken links while some of them are bad host and when they comment on this blog with link attached to it then it's kind of providing a broken links or bad host for this blog as well.

We intend to delete any incoming comment that has link attached to it 'most especially, hidden links.'

To our dear readers, we do hope that you can maintain this rules and we expect better improvement than before.