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  1. Best DJ Mix Apps For Windows 2019
  2. Windows; GarageBand Alternatives.

GarageBand is a popular dj mix app that is available only for iOS and macOS, this app is one of the best music app you can get. Many people have long anticipated it on Windows and Linux but it seems not to be coming too soon and thus, that's the most unfortunate part.

For all music enthusiasts, we’ve got great news – GarageBand does have some great alternatives to record your masterpiece. These would offer you the same features to GarageBand, and you can freely set it up on the PC. So wait no more, let’s find out what those 5 Best GarageBand alternatives for Windows are! Without much delay, let's get started:

Best GarageBand Alternatives For Windows 2019:

1.) Reaper:
Among a wide variety of applications and music creator programs out there, Reaper arises as the most promising GarageBand alternatives you can’t look away. It makes music formation completely accessible to everyone else. Besides, this package can offer the professionals plenty of options for the way they choose to create music.

However, it won’t ever help you through the creation process. You will need a certain amount of knowledge once you’re about to open up this program. But if you don’t, it will take you a while to create anything worth your attempts.

In this case, don’t worry since Reaper owns a great level of customer service support from the online community. And now it has a 60-days free trial, which allows you to test or run the software as well as see whether you want to use it or not.

2.) Music Maker Jam:
Like other music softwares, Music Maker Jam is one of the most fantastic GarageBand alternatives for Windows. Go and download it from the Windows App Store or other stores, hence, this app is also available for both iOS and Android.

The software is suited for normal users instead of the professionals. It allows you to choose loops by genres and nearly every little thing from Dubstep to jazz depending on your preference.

Then you can use them to create a song after the transferring process. Let’s tweak the BPM and control the volume levels whenever you feel, but that is — if it fits your taste.

3.) Mixcraft 7:
Similar to GarageBand, Mixcraft 7 is a great way to make things much simpler when it comes to creating music. It has a user-friendly interface and great abundance of plugins to enable you to freely add any inspiring effect.

All you have to do is dragging and dropping the loops. So even when you don’t have many experiences with such software, you can still able to adjust all of its features with ease. Besides, Mixcraft automatically match the tempo with your preference to make music, which simplifies everything.

4.) Soundation Studio:
Whenever you’re trying to see a free-of-charge option, go to find Soundation Studio. It’s committed to giving you a great chance of availing an expansive collection of great features. You’re allowed to make the best of your music. Moreover, it provides you with a great variety of virtual instruments, real-time effects together with a large library of more than 700 sounds, loops, and audio editing.

The best part of this application is that it can be availed without charge. It means that you can gain extra sounds from the store, or simply upgrade to a premium account. Doing so permits you to access to a larger selection of the higher-quality sounds.

5.) LMMS:
This is another Best GarageBand Alternative application indeed the final work of a talented development team who is committed to creating an open-source music production kit. Such a fantastic idea has delivered the ideal piece of music software despite its unattractive UI.

It’s one of the most worth-to-try GarageBand alternatives for Windows to help you get up and run at once at no cost. LMMS also consists of the formation of beats and melodies, or the mixing of all sounds and samples for you to freely choose. It lets you release your musical creativity naturally.

Best DJ Mix Apps For Windows In 2019:

Whoa! You just read the best GarageBand alternatives you can get for Windows OS. Yeah, it's true that GarageBand is only for iOS but now, it has some competing apps which can delivery more than GarageBand itself. If you're a music lover, why not try the above apps to mix your music!!!

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  1. Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC 2019:
  2. How To Use iOS Apps On Windows PC

Looking for best emulators to access iOS features on your windows PC? If yes, then you're in the right place. Hence, we've compiled a list of 10 best iOS emulators for your windows PC — they are not just the best but also, they are free to try, no need to spend your money in getting them.

However, making use of iOS Emulators will allow you to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC without having an iPhone, iPad or any iOS gadgets. These iOS emulators are mainly for developers to testing the apps and also used for play iPhone games on PC.
an iOS emulator is a kind of virtual program that allows one OS into another Operating System.

Without no further delay, let's take a look at the complied list of best iOS emulators for your Windows PC. Hence, that are already the best and it's left for you to choose the one you prefer!

10 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC 2019:

iPad Stimulator:

iPad Simulator is Google chrome extension. The extension allows the users to access all iOS apps and works similar to the iPad. You can get the features like Siri, iMessage and if you want to run an iOS app on this iOS simulator simply drag and drop the iOS app from your Windows to this iPad Simulator. These apps will permanently store in Cloud storage.

you can access all features on the cloud storage and install unlimited pages of apps. It is a virtual clone of iPad which is used as an iOS emulator for Windows PC. Unfortunately, It is currently removed from Chrome Webstore.


Smartface is one of the best iPhone emulator for PC. This emulator works efficiently when compared to Air iPhone. It is used for developing cross-platform iOS apps. To emulate your app on any iOS device like iPad emulator or iPhone emulator, download the Smartface app from given the link.

Smartface has two version (Free and Paid version). The free version has limited access to the users and paid version has some advanced features which will help the developers to test iOS apps. Paid version starting price at $99.


Xamarin is another iOS emulator for Windows PC available in the market for free. Using the emulator you can run iPhone apps and games instantly without any struggle. It is essentially helpful for developers to test the different platform compatibility of iOS apps in windows.

Xamarian iOS emulator has priced at $25 per month and it works on operating systems like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. and also it works in Visual Studio. You can run iPhone apps and games efficiently without any interruption.


Ripple is also I'v of the best alternative iOS emulator for iPad Simulator. It is typically used for testing the apps by developers. You don’t need to download any software to run this iOS emulator. Simply install the extension file which is available in Google Chrome browser for free of cost at Chrome Webstore. If you are looking for browser-based emulator then Ripple is the best iOS emulator for your windows.

Air iPhone:

Air iPhone is one of the best iOS emulator for Windows PC as well. It is a virtual iPhone on your windows and you need to install Adobe Air on your windows pc to run this application without getting any Errors.

It works same as iPhone and allows all iOS apps and games. If you never used the iPhone device before, it’s better for you because it doesn’t have much iPhone user experience on your windows.

MobiOne Studio:

MobiOne Studio is one of the best iPhone emulator for windows, which gives you the access to run iPhone apps on windows PC. This service is discontinued but still, you can run beta apps on this emulator. It has user-friendly user interface and you can easily access whatever you want. It is highly favorable for developers for testing apps.

MobiOne Studio iOS emulator helps you in how to play iPhone games on PC, So using this emulator you can run all iOS games and apps for free on windows. This software is for free, no need to purchase.

Electric Mobile Studio:

Electric Mobile Studio is one of the best iOS emulator for PC. It also has two versions (Free and Paid version) but the paid version has an expensive price when compared to Smartface, Electric Mobile Studio pricing starts at $39.99 per month.

And it requires more RAM to run this emulator. However, It supports all iOS apps and games on your windows and you can even control iPhone and iPad using this emulator.

IDOS Emulator:

This iDOS emulator is an iOS emulator to run iPhone apps on your PC. But it doesn’t have full functionality and has only a few features to use iPhone/iOS apps. It is not recommended for the users as of now. Because of it has many bugs and fewer features

IMAME Emulator:

The iMAME emulator is also one of the best iOS emulators you can get for your Windows PC, which is specially developed for gamers. It is used to play iPhone/iOS games on PC and allows you to download and install all apps for iPhone and iPad. You can also run iOS9/iOS10 apps on Windows PC using the iMAME emulator.


iPadian is the best iPad emulator for Windows PC, which gives you the same user interface of iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t allow you to access official iPhone app store but you can get these amazing features like Siri, iMessage, and TVOS. You won’t able to run all iOS apps on PC with this iOS emulator.

10 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC 2019:

You're just looking at the best iOS emulators you can get for your Windows PC, trust me, you'd love it. However, it's a complied list and you're free to choose your preferred one. Still have more to add to this? It yes, then you can make your suggestion via the comment box and don't forget to tell us what you think about the ones listed above!!!
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  1. Best Windows 10 Free Themes To Enhance Your PC UI 2019:
  2. Download Best Windows 10 Skin Packs 2019

Windows 10 being the latest Windows operating system is really something everyone PC user should be making use of because of the ton of plethora and palatable features it offers, though some people think that it drains data more than any other Windows OS but thus, that incident do occur when most apps Auto-start during boot.

However, Windows 10 has a better user interface compared with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 10 Upgrade free is now available for everyone on Google and most of them are started using it. Windows 10 on your PC gives the best compatibility and excellent features than that of Windows 7 OS.

As everyone began loving Windows 10 OS on Laptops and Desktops which has an interface like Microsoft Windows phones for Start Button on Windows 10. To add more colors and impressive look for your Windows 10 on PC, I have compiled the 5 Best Free Windows 10 Themes you can download and enhance your PC UI. Hence, it's free to download and these can also be called Windows 10 Skin Packs which makes your Desktop look more attractive than usual.

Download: 5 Best Free Windows 10 Themes For April 2019:

1.) StartIsBack Theme:

StartIsBack is a fantastic theme which provides the best user interface and displays the features like Windows 7. If you are addicted to Windows 7 OS then this theme will definitely help you to use Windows 7 operations on Windows 10.

2.) Silk Theme:

Silk Theme is one of the Best Windows 10 Custom Themes which enhances the Operating System features. It will change Windows OS look to a Notebook one and you can customize the colors according to your wish. Download Silk Theme for Windows PC and experience a Best User Interface and Customization is very easy using this Windows 10 Theme.

3.) Penumbra 10 Theme:

Penumbra 10 Theme is one of the Best Dark Theme for Windows 10 PC. This theme is designed to use neutral dark colors for every window on your Windows Desktop. If you are looking for complete Dark Theme then this is the only theme which you have to set it on your Desktop.

4.) Oxford Theme:

You may have heard about Oxford University, Oxford Dictionary, and Oxford Golf Resort but here I will show you Oxford Theme for Windows 10 PC. This theme will changes the entire design of your Windows 10 OS and gives an excellent look to your PC or Laptop. This minimalistic theme is one of the Best Classic Theme that you must try on your Windows 10 PC.

5.) Diversityx VS Theme:

Diversityx VS Theme has the cool glassy transparent interface and looks classic on your Windows Desktop. Download Diversityx VS Theme for Windows 10 which is one of the Best Classic Theme and also the Best Custom Theme for Windows OS. It changes the entire outlook of every window and customizes the color and texture in a different way.

Download Windows 10 Free Themes:

Windows 10 themes are really alluring, there are more of them out there in the internet but most of them are not free (paid) whereas there are other ones that are not paid but doesn't look good. Trust me, these ones in the list are really mind blowing and a must try themes/skin packs. However, the download link are also provided.

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Most played PC action games

  • Best PC Open World "Free Roaming" Action Games For 2019:
  • Best Action PC Games Of All Time

Games keeps us busy when feeling lonely, it's one of the most exciting hubby anyone can indulge in, especially PC games. PC games brings out an amazing graphics which even makes it to be entertaining.

Note that when you talk about good and high quality PC games then you should know that it can cost you some money to purchase it, hence, that's not the matter because AndroBliz have you covered as well. There are many top best websites to download PC games for free without even paying a dime.

However, some of the most successful action game franchises started out on PC. Just look at Battlefield and Call of Duty. Both started out on PC and are now some of the biggest multi-platform franchises.

Anyways that doesn't really matter and thus, we've Handpicked the best PC games you can try when lonely, bored, during holidays/vacation.

Best PC Action Games Like GTA 5 And Overwatch (June 2019):

1.) Grand Theft Auto 5 [GTA 5]:

Ever since GTA 5 was launched "2013 precisely", it has been the talk of the town, even though that most of the people discussing about it haven't played the game yet but they are talking with the previous GTA games they've played which was ported for almost all the electronic gadgets — be it Xbox, PlayStation, PSP and also Smartphones.

I made GTA 5 the number one game in my list because I've been eager to play it since it was launched, fortunately for me, I laid my hands on it. GTA 5 was developed by a popular game company "Rockstar" and truly, Rockstar rocks!!!

2.) Rise of the Tomb Raider:

One of Rise of the Tomb Raider's main strengths is the wonderful sense of discovery you get when wandering about the world. Rise of the Tomb Raider is essentially the same game it was on Xbox One few years back.

However, the game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, published by Square Enix. The game was first launch on Xbox one and Xbox 360 in 2015, later on, it was launched for PC in 2016. Rise of Tomb Raider is an awesome game and what you won't want to miss...

3.) Overwatch:

Overwatch is a multi-player online first shooter game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was launched for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016. It is a level playing field, but one flooded with high concept, brightly coloured, and slightly ridiculous characters which are, above all else, extremely well designed. Ever since I started playing it "though not yet completed it", I have not encounter any lag, no matchmaking issues, no glitches, no crashes.

Everything about Overwatch makes it easy to play. However, If you believe the hype - and there's been a lot of hype - Blizzard's one, Overwatch, is already the best, even though some of the competition is yet to even ship.

4.) Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 2):

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward, published by Activision and was launched in 2009, the campaign more or less follows the formula set out by Infinity Ward in its previous two games (CoD2 and CoD4).

 The plot will leave some wondering what's going on as it switches from soldier to soldier, moving all over the world and beyond. Some of the story will have players wondering if certain scenes were necessary and if certain moments really make sense in the grand scheme of the story that spans CoD4 and Modern Warfare 2, You'll also still find yourself battling against wave after wave of enemies.

5.) Titanfall 2:

I can read your mind, you're thinking of Avatar right? Take a closer look at the image to see the differences though the both have the same similarities "just a lookalike".

Titanfall 2's campaign straps players into the boots of rifleman Jack Cooper, a wannabe Pilot who is prematurely transferred control of his dead captain's Titan, and who must stop the IMC from gaining control of a planet-destroying super weapon.

Titanfall 2's campaign is excellent, interesting, and yes, you really should play it. It is a first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, published by Electronic Arts and finally, it was released in 2016.

6.) Gears Of War 4:

Shooter campaigns aren't always that good these days, but Gears of War 4 combines wonderful visuals, tight gameplay, and excellent characters to buck that trend. Action fans should lap this up.

You're not Marcus this time around, though: you're his son, and as much as he manages to be a thoroughly decent character all round (as are his cohorts, all bantering along in a surprisingly fun, non-irritating fashion - who knew that was possible?) he just doesn't have the same charisma or presence.

The new team doesn't brings things down, but when old man Marcus turns up he brings the whole experience up a notch, and delivers some great lines too. However, it is a third-person shooter video game developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

7.) Hitman Episode Two – Sapienza:

If IOI still has something to prove with this episodic version of Hitman - and judging by the amount of people saying they'll wait and see how it goes, or just pick up the disc version sometime in 2013, it definitely does - then this second episode has to be good enough to finally convince players of the worth of its new direction.

It succeeds, in terms of mission quality at least, and is filled with so many accidents, incidents, and multi-part assassinations that it may very well go down as a classic hit.

8.) Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV):

GTA IV is another Rockstar amazing game which came even more earlier than GTA 5. This game is a free roaming classic action game "world open game" with tons of features, unfortunately, many other left GTA IV and jumped into GTA 5 but the fact still remains that if you're amongst them then you missed a lot.

Hence, it's an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 console and of course PC in 2008.

Best Action Games For PC 2019:

The above list are some of the best PC action games you can try, some of the games in the list are not new to most of us whereas it might be new to newbies. Action game for me (Open World games especially) is the most entertaining game compared to other genres, whereas you can roam around the streets, cause some ruckus.

Other action games like army games do feel good sometimes whereas you open fire to kill your enemies. Thus, most of these listed games cannot be downloaded without paying for it. Nevertheless, you can try these top websites where you can download them for free and at no cost.

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  1. Best way to speed up performance on Windows 10.
  2. 2018 Guide on how to boost Windows 10 speed and performance.

In the middle last year "April 2017 precisely", Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be receiving two major updates per year. Despite all the rapid development, Windows machines slow down over time as they get amassed with programs/files and thus, Redmond has stopped increasing the version number of their operating system; we can only see themed Windows 10 Updates.

As PC hardware continues to get faster, so does software, and Windows 10 is no exception. This is especially true of startup time: If you upgrade from Windows 7 or earlier, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how fast your machine is ready for action. But there are other performance factors to consider after you're up and running.

However, if you own a desktop or laptop running Windows 10, there are great chances that your DNA might compel you to make Windows 10 faster and improve its performance. So, I thought I should include whatever I know and create a post on how can to speed up Windows 10 and improve its performance to get the most out of the operating system. It is possible that you might’ve come across some or many of these Windows 10 performance tricks across the web. But I think it would be great to refresh your memories.

How to speed up Windows 10 and improve its Performance:
★ Limit programs from loading at startup:

It’s a common sight for most Windows users to have tons of apps and features loaded when their machines start. These are mostly the ones installed by the manufacturers, and others which automatically launch at startup. Watching these programs load is one of the most visible instances where you feel slowness of your machine. On Windows 10 (and Windows 8/8.1), you can disable programs from loading at startup using the task manager. And if you’re cherishing the old Windows 7 or Windows XP, the interface to disable startup programs can be accessed via the msconfig utility.

★ Add More RAM:

Windows 10 isn't as much of a hog as earlier versions of the OS, but more memory is always a way to speed up PC operations. For a lot of today's Windows devices, such as the Surface convertible tablets, however, adding RAM isn't an option. Gaming and business laptops often still allow RAM upgrades, but that's becoming rarer by the year. The new, slimmer ultrabooks and convertibles are usually fixed.

★ Scan for malwares:

You can run the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app to do this,  this might be the most naive thing you would read in the post intended towards speeding up Windows 10 PCs. Malware community has existed for decades, and their fear compelled Microsoft to include an anti-virus tool in their operating system. Your slow Windows 10 system might be due to some fishy app hiding inside the machine, disguised as some system update program or anything else. You should regularly scan your PC for malware, either by using Windows Defender or some third-party antivirus software, to make your Windows faster

★ Hibernate or maybe put to sleep mode instead of power off:

When you hibernate your PC, less time is required when you turn it back on. That’s because the current state of the system is saved on the hard drive and gets loaded when you power on the system. Putting computer on sleep mode is mostly a routine for Mac users because these devices can live for almost a month in that way. But now, Windows users also find it comfortable keep their PC in sleep mode for long hours. In Sleep Mode, only the RAM on the device remains active. But sleep mode drains the battery, although in small amounts. So, you might not want to prefer it every time for your Windows PC, but sleep mode makes it quicker for you to start working on the system.

★ Make use of fast startup to speed up your computer’s load time:
One way to accelerate Windows 10 startup process is by turning on the hibernation feature that’s disabled by default. Fast Startup (enabled by default) is another feature which reduces the booting time of Windows 10. It’s a combination of shutdown and hibernation. You can check whether Fast Startup is enabled for your computer by visiting Power Options > Choose what the power button does. Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” to unlock the shutdown configuration. There, you’ll see the option to enable/disable fast startup.

★ Turn off cloud sync to make Windows faster:

Windows 10 offers integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive. You can copy all the files and folders to OneDrive which you want to upload to the cloud. Many users have a soft corner for Google Drive; there are chances they might not be using One Drive. But even if you’re a die-hard fan of the OneDrive, turning on the sync and forgetting about it wouldn’t be a wise move. It would consume your resources and slow down Windows 10. In fact, it’s not only OneDrive, and you should do this for other services too. To disable OneDrive sync and make your Windows faster, go to This PC > OneDrive (right-click) > Choose OneDrive folders to sync. On the next screen, untick the checkbox Sync all files and folders in OneDrive and click Ok.

★ Choose what your PC should prefer:

In the same Performance Options window I mentioned above (point 7), switch to the Advanced tab. There, you can determine whether your PC should give preference to the programs you use or the services that run in the background. This adjustment could give a considerable performance boost according to your needs.

★ Use High-Performance Mode to improve PCs performance:

The ‘High Performance’ mode in Power options helps you make the best out of your PC. The CPU can utilize its full potential, while the high-performance mode prevents various components like hard drives, WiFi cards, etc. from going into power saving states.

★ Turn off live tiles Live:
Tiles debuted with Windows 8. The live tiles in the Start Menu or Start Screen provide updated information related to an app, either sourced from the web or locally. But they also consume resources and battery, not up to the level that it would slow things down. But turning the live tiles off would be beneficial if you never bothered to see what a live tile is offering.

How to turn off live tiles in Windows 10 to speed up your computer?
If you’re running Windows 10 Pro, you can use the Group Policy Editor. In the editor, open User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications > Turn off tile notifications. Otherwise, you’ll have to disable the live tiles manually for each app. Open Start > Right-click a live tile > More > Turn live tile off.

★ Reset your PC:
Apparently, the last and the least option to end all of the Windows-related problems is to Reset your Windows 10 PC. You can do so by visiting the Recovery section in Settings or by the utility provided by your device manufacturer which you can access by pressing some key when the PC boots. Reinstalling Windows 10 would revert all the wrong-doings and changes you and various apps have made to the system.